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As you know we’ve been continuing uploading casting videos in Casting Couch section at KristenBjorn.com. These auditions are usually made between new candidates and experienced actors. And last Casting Couch #36 is an interesting one, since an actor who made his debut 13 years ago in Kristen Bjorn’s The Caracas Adventure, Mystery Men, Paradise Plantation made a comeback in this Casting Couch session with a new model. Here is something interesting Kristen Bjorn had to say about him back in those days (Members Section of our website).

Sylvio is from a wealthy Brazilian family and has a degree in architecture. For him, the video work was mostly a fantasy that he wanted to live out. He is very likable and got romanticly involved with several of his co-stars.

Part of his interview conducted few years ago (read full interview at Model Profiles section at Members Menu):

Q. I go wild when I see any of your scenes, especially when you’re getting fucked. It’s so hot to see a dick sticking in you, while your dick is also nice and hard. Where are you now? What have you been up to? Why did you stop making videos? Have you ever made videos for another director aside from Kristen?
A. I live in Rio de Janeiro, in Copacabana. I lead a quiet life, and I work selling oriental carpets. I stopped making videos because I was involved in a long term relationship which ended about two years ago. I have never worked for another director. If you start at the top, you don’t want a step downwards.

Q. When was your first time to experience man to man sex? Did you enjoy it?
A. My first sexual experience with another man happened when I was 18 years old. My father owned an ice cream factory, and one of his employees grabbed me one day, and from then on we had some hot times together. It was hard for me to get fucked at first, I used to tremble a lot. But then I started enjoying it!

So now back to our days… I gotta give credit to Sylvio, he still looks great with his perfect chiseled body (good genes!). Check out this Casting filmed by Strongboli at KristenBjorn.com and enjoy. You wanna see him come back in new Kristen Bjorn’s movies? Let us know.