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Trouser Bar hits the International Film Festival Circuit. The film has been seen in numerous cities around the world, Seattle, Calgary, Madrid, London, Hong Kong and NYC this February. The film was just shown at the Mix Brasil Festival where it was awarded the Best International Short Film 2016.  http://www.mixbrasil.org.br/2016/filmes/detalhe.asp?id=97  The cast includes: Ashley Ryder, Denholm Spurr, Florian Klein, Craig Daniel and Zac Renfree. We are very proud of the incredible work done by our very own Kristen Bjorn in directing this film. Congratulations Kristen!

The script of this short but controversial erotic fantasy was in the collection of Peter de Rome, whose pioneering work was the subject of “Peter de Rome: Grandfather of Gay Porn”, previously screened at Mix Brasil Festival. Following de Rome’s death in 2014, producer David McGillivray embarked on something of a personal crusade to make the film as a tribute to Peter. Set in a gentlemen’s outfitters in 1976, when the script was written, the film takes its inspiration from the emotions aroused by a fetishistic love of corduroy, leather and tight trousers. This is noted porn director Kristen Bjorn’s first British film. Several of the cast have worked for him in the past.


“Packed with kitsch 1970s visuals, Trouser Bar…[plays] like a depraved Are You Being Served? meets Caligula. Cameos from Nigel Havers, Barry Cryer and Julian Clary add some star quality, although the real star is the saucy writing and Bjorn’s fast-paced direction.”


“One of the stand out pieces is Trouser Bar by Kristen Bjorn. Capturing the seventies’ wondrous colour palette, Trouser Bar almost has the feel of a trippy Michel Gondry music video. With no dialogue it feels like a tongue in cheek soft-core porn pastiche of the seventies’ fetishisation of clothing, specifically trousers.”


“The best by far is Trouser Bar. Directed by famous gay porn director Kristen Bjorn, Trouser Bar takes us into a gay shop that sells clothes made of corduroy, which gets both the staff and customers frisky. Its pulsating music and mustached actors mimic the best elements of a 1970’s gay porn film, and it builds to an exciting climax. Porn star Ashley Ryder is practically unrecognizable as one of the shops customers, with Julian Clary making a quick cameo. THIS IS AN 18-MINUTE MASTERPIECE.”