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Cal Skye and Tom Wolf are out patrolling the forest when Tom decides to take a nap in the truck. Cal returns to find Tom having an erotic dream and with an extremely large hard on in his pants. He begins to stroke his partners cock when Tom awakens. Not to pass up a great opportunity, Tom lets Cal continue his exploration. Releasing Tom’s hard cock, Cal begins to suck and swallow his partners hot cock. Tom is feeling hungry for some hot cock himself and begins to suck Cal’s long, hard cock. The guys head to the back of the pick up truck and Tom spreads Cal’s ass apart and begins by giving him a hot tongue bath. After lubing up that hot pink hole, Tom drives his hard cock deep inside of Cal. Tom flips Cal over and drives his hungry cock in and out of Cal’s wet hole. As Tom is busy pounding away at Cal’s ass, Cal strokes out a huge, creamy load of cum. Tom loves the feeling of Cal’s ass muscles contracting around his cock that he shoots a huge load all over Cal. This is a cross promotion with Falcon Studios Group.