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When we last saw our guys Donato was having a wild time fucking Milos and Mattias.  Now the guys turn their cocks on Donato’s ass.   Donato throws his legs open as Milos scissors his cock into Donato’s open sex canal.   As Mattias holds Donato’s legs open for Milos’ cock, Milos leans over and swallows Mattias’ throbbing cock.   Donato is then flipped over and Mattias probes his ass with his hard cock and sucks on Milos straining cock.   Mattias then flips his position that really puts Donato’s ass to the test.   Donato is then bent over and taken from behind by Milos, who pounds away at his wet hole as Mattias sprays his hot cum all over Milos’ ass, which triggers Milos to blow his load all over Donato’s hungry hole.   With all that hot cum dripping from his ass and balls, Donato is over come with pleasure and blows his own load.   Call the plumber and locksmith, I’m feeling horny!