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Mario meets up with his old friend James and invites him back to his place. When they arrive Mario’s lover Sergi is excited to see that he has brought home a sexy friend. The three men begin disrobing each other and explore each other’s sexy bodies with sensation of touch. Sergi frees Mario’s cock and devours the full length of his long shaft. Sergi then turns his attention to James’ fat cock and worships it with his succulent lips as it so richly deserves. Mario takes Sergi’s cock into his mouth as Sergi continues to swallow James’ fat cock. The guys switch up the cock sucking before James bends Sergi over and fucks his hairy hole with his tongue as Mario fucks his mouth with his cock. James stands up and plants his throbbing cock deep inside of Sergi’s tight ass. Sergi loves being fucked from both ends and especially when the guys begin to tag team his ass and mouth. As one pulls out of his ass and the other enters, Sergi lubes up the other with his mouth and tastes the sweet juices from his own ass. Mario takes a seat as Sergi sits down on his raw cock and James feeds him his hot cock. Both Sergi and James fuck Mario, one with his ass one with his cock. James loves the view of the hot fucking that he loses control and feeds his thick load to Mario. At that same moment Sergi has fucked himself into a frenzy and blows his huge load as Mario continues fucking him hard. With all the attention and cum that Mario has received he is unable to hold his thick, creamy load any longer and sprays Sergi’s hairy thighs with his cum.