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Jared is on his way to the gym and is in for a more strenuous workout than he has planned. As Jared strips down to his jock strap he notices that Arny is putting on a show by flexing his muscles for Toby. Arny steps up onto the bench so his captive audience has a better view. The view of his own jock strap captures Toby and Jared’s attention so they free his strikingly hard cock and begin sharing the oral pleasures. After some intense sucking Arny lays down on the bench and Jared mounts him from on top and the two begin a 69 rim fest. Jared fucks Arny’s hairy hole with his tongue and Arny works his tongue from Jared’s hot ass to Toby’s throbbing cock. Toby moves himself into center position as Jared hammers his raw cock into Toby’s furry ass and Arny fucks his face. Jared and Arny switch up positions and now it is Arny’s turn to fuck Toby’s bare ass. After wearing out Toby’s ass Jared mounts Arny’s cock and begins to grind his cock deep into his ass. Jared has fucked himself into a frenzy of thick, creamy cum shooting all over Arny. Arny gets turned on by all the cum dripping on him that he sprays his load all over Jared’s hairy balls and thighs.