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Hi guys, welcome back to Official Kristen Bjorn’s Blog.

My name is Nick Russo, and I am part of Kristen Bjorn Productions team.

This summer its going to be one year since I’ve been working for Kristen Bjorn. Its been a great year for me working for the studio, and it’s been incredibly productive in terms of the movies, and other content we’ve shot.
The idea of a blog originated a while ago, and Nacho Silva who had more time working off production has started one. Now when he decided to continue on his own, Kristen Bjorn offered me to continue the blog. Taking part in many aspects of preproduction, production, and post production, talking to and seeing Kristen Bjorn on a regular basis – I definitely has a lot of interesting things to say, show, and share with you, guys on behalf of me, Kristen Bjorn Productions team and Kristen Bjorn. We are excited to start offering you exclusive peek previews, casting photos, behind the scenes material, trailers, interviews, release dates, etc. etc. All those things that many times don’t end up on official KristenBjorn.com, but are interesting for you as you showed us.
Having met well known in industry pornstars, finding new stars, filming their castings, and then seeing their movies coming out, its been all exciting. We’ve became good friends, and they will give a shout for sure on this blog.
In 21st century we are learning that one-way communication is not engaging enough to audience, that’s why with the help of this blog, our Facebook community, we will get the chance to hear your opinions about our movies, our actors, to know who you want to see in our next productions, where, etc.
It is also a chance for our readers to read official posts from Kristen Bjorn, which we hope will be monthly. So prepare your questions, share your ideas.

Welcome back to Official Kristen Bjorn’s Blog.