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A day at home binge watching television for Alex Gomes is interrupted by Alejandro Torres, who turns it into a day of pleasures. Alex is excited for the interruption and quickly switches from television to Alejandro. As quickly as Alejandro strips away his “tight whites” Alex is devouring his huge, meaty cock. Alex is an expert cock sucker and has no problems opening up his throat for Alejandro to fuck. Alejandro can see that Alex’s cock is straining to bust free from his tight whites and releases his sorrel, veiny, uncut cock.  Working his lips up and down the shaft of Alex’s cock brings an increased level of pleasure to both men. Alex flips over and Alejandro dives in, probing that perfectly smooth, pucker hole with his hungry, exploring tongue. Alejandro can’t contain himself any longer and plunges his monster cock deep inside of Alex’s immaculate ass. Alex flips positions and squats down on to Alejandro’s perfect olive skinned raw cock as we watch it disappear into his beautiful mahogany colored ass, the color contrast is breathtaking. As the colors meld together, Alex pounds his ass down hard onto Alejandro as his own cock flops around fully erect. The guys flip positions again and Alejandro takes Alex’s hot ass from behind and plunges deeper and harder until he fucks the creamy load of cum out of Alex’s throbbing cock. Alejandro continues his assault of hard ass fucking as the last drops of cum ooze from Alex’s cock. Those last drops and those throbbing ass muscles draw Alejandro over the cliffs edge as he showers Alex’s ass with his huge load of cum. Alejandro glides his massive cock in and out of Alex’s cum drenched ass until coming to rest inside of him, then seals it all with a tender kiss.