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Julio Rey has noticed the incredible flexibility and gymnastic skills Mylo K demonstrates at the gym and invites him over to explore his abilities further. As the guys strip down they enter into a little cock fight before Julio begins to suck on Mylo’s vaulting cock. Julio sucks and swallows Mylo’s cock as his legs spread further apart for greater access. Flipping with Mylo, Julio forces his fat cock deep into Mylo’s mouth, causing him to drool excessively all over Julio’s cock and balls. Mylo then straddles the chair and Julio probes his hairy hole with his gifted tongue. Julio flips Mylo once again, and has him straddle the chair and his bare cock at the same time. With Mylo’s legs spread wide open he does a hard bump and grind on Julio’s throbbing cock as his own hard cock bounces with delight. When you have a gymnast to pleasure you it is necessary to put them through all the wild positions possible. Mylo gets flipped onto his shoulders with his ass in the air and Julio dropping in from above. Julio flexes his cock so that he can go as deep as possible in this completely open ass. Flipping again, Julio plunges deeper into Mylo as he lays on his back and spreads those legs wide open. This gives Julio the exact entry he loves. This position also gives Mylo the stimulation that he so richly desires and it also brings him to an explosion of hot cum that erupts all over his abs. The convulsion of Mylo’s ass muscles griping his rock-hard cock drives Julio wild and provokes him to spray his thick load of cum all over Mylo’s ass. Julio wipes up his load with his cock head and shoves it back into Mylo’s tight, wet ass. Flexibility has its advantages.