Author: kristenbjorn

Dog Eat Dog: Kris de Fabio, Lex Anders

DOG_preview Dog Eat Dog: Kris de Fabio, Lex Anders The weather has finally broke and Kris de Fabio and Lex Andres use the opportunity to break away from all the stressors of life and work. While on a walk in the bright sun and cool air nothing stands in the way of their attraction for one another. All the fresh air has caused a lot of arousal and when they return home their desires turn carnal. Passionate kissing turns to a strip down, which leads to a cock battle for attention. Lex takes Kris’ cock into his mouth and...

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Casting Couch #406: Oscar Marin, Viktor Rom

cc406_preview Casting Couch 406: Oscar Marin, Viktor Rom On a crisp spring day, the testosterone levels are heating up the night air as Victor Rom is about to school Oscar Marin in how to pleasure his fat cock. Victor starts out with some passionate kissing before he begins the pleasure/pain principle to Oscar’s nipples. Working his tongue, lips and teeth across Oscar’s nipples brings Oscar to full arousal. Viktor then shows Oscar his multi-talented skills at cock sucking as Oscar’s cock responds dutifully. It is now time for Oscar to show Victor how hungry and talented he is at...

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Tautness: Ely Chaim, Leonardo Lucatto

TAUTNESS_preview Tautness: Ely Chaim, Leonardo Lucatto Leonardo Lucatto has invited Ely Chaim over to test out some new exercise equipment. As the guys check out the versatility and tautness of the sport bands they are pleased that these will assist them with keeping fit while travelling. As the muscles are flexed and pumped Ely takes advantage of the situation and drops to his knees and takes Leonardo’s pumped, meaty cock into his hungry mouth. Leonardo knows that this is an area of expertise for Ely and begins face fucking his eager mouth. Ely then takes out his elongated cock...

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Latino Trio: Marcos Oliveira, Lucio Saints, Dann Grey

LATINOTRIO_preview Latino Trio: Dann Grey, Lucio Saints, Marcos Oliveira It is well known that throughout the Latin countries that the men’s blood pumps sex and sensuality through their veins and today Lucio Saints, Marcos Oliveira and Dann Grey show us what makes a true Latin Lover. There is a lot of heat and passion coming from these three that they are already stripped down to their KB’s. Dann jumps at the opportunity to take on his handsome and hung compadres today as they begin feeding him their massive cocks. Lucio and Marcos are eager to feel those hot lips...

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Casting Couch #405: Lex Anders, Santi Sexy

cc405_preview Casting Couch 405: Santi Sexy, Lex Anders Santi Sexy has enticed his good buddy, Lex Anders to join him in front of the camera and it is all for our pleasure. As Santi enters the room, he sees that Lex has already gotten himself excited by perusing a hot magazine. Santi walks over and the giant, Greek God stands up and towers over Santi. He leans in, tilts his head up and begins a passionate kissing that Greek God’s are famous for. As Lex works his luscious lips down Santi’s ripped muscular body, he is stopped and Santi...

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