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Kristen Bjorn’s “Skin Deep”

Hi guys, about couple weeks ago we’ve posted on official website full cast of upcoming Kristen Bjorn’s film “Skin Deep” (release date yet to be confirmed, you will know exactly when here). I am finishing DVD’s cover art, and here are few photos of this amazing cast. Check out full cast galleryat...

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Introduction, Nick Russo taking over Official Kristen Bjorn’s Blog

Hi guys, welcome back to Official Kristen Bjorn’s Blog. My name is Nick Russo, and I am part of Kristen Bjorn Productions team. This summer its going to be one year since I’ve been working for Kristen Bjorn. Its been a great year for me working for the studio, and it’s been incredibly productive in terms of the movies, and other content we’ve shot.The idea of a blog originated a while ago, and Nacho Silva who had more time working off production has started one. Now when he decided to continue on his own, Kristen Bjorn offered me to...

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