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Skin Deep’s Castings, Behind the Scenes

So whats been happening on Casting Couch for the last couple of weeks. There was definitely lots of action. Check out these two clips. Casting Couch #40 featuring Alex Ferrari (from El Rancho) & british hunk Rocco Banks (you’ll see more of him in Skin Deep pairing up with 13-inch hung Ricardo Safado). Watch entire Casting Video here. The guys definitely had chemistry going on during this casting. I’ve got fun behind-the-scenes photos for you, not available at And another Casting Couch #41 featuring Tomas Sebastiani & Jorge. Tomas Sebastiani is an experienced actor and has done few...

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Skin Deep Parts 1 & 2 Trailers Online!

Hey guys, we are back online at our blog. We’ve been really busy with upcoming release of Skin Deep, so I’m sorry to keep you waiting for the new updates here. Check out regular updates at of course, we never fail to present high quality stuff there weekly, no delays, no waiting. So we’ve posted trailers from Skin Deep Parts 1 & 2 at Check it out there, those are really long preview trailers that give you a good idea of what to expect from the movie. You get to see all the scenes, all the guys, few cumshots in those trailers. We’ll be offering few full scenes for downloading soon in our Video on Demand section soon. So make sure you are signed up for our newsletter at and so you won’t miss it. There are new movie stills from Skin Deep available at Movie Stills section for our members. Check the high resolution photos, and zoom into your favorite bit...

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Casting Couch – Mateo Perez

This week’s update at in Casting Couch section – Mateo Perez and Alejandro. Mateo is among my favorite fresh faces in Kristen Bjorn’s movies, he’s going to appear in few next Kristen Bjorn’s movies. Not only he’s sexy, but also he is a very nice down to earth cool guy. The chemistry between the guys in the casting is for real, and you can see that. Check out his latest tattoo on the back. We have been seeing many tattooes lately – tattooed leg of Etienne Cendras on the cover of Skin Deep, Pedro Andreas, Daniel Marvin, and...

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Jean-Daniel Cadinot, gay porn legend

One of gay porn’s legends has died. JC Adams confirmed that Jean-Daniel Cadinot passed away Wednesday from a heart attack. A creative artist since the early 70’s, Cadinot began shooting nude photo albums, and wrote, produced and directed over 60 films, winning awards at the GAYVNs and the Venus Awards in Berlin. Mr. Cadinot was 64. His final bow words: “Dear friends, critics and others, If you’re reading these words I will have put down my camera, switched off the lights, drawn the curtains and taken my final bow. May all the efforts and work of a whole life,...

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Parashooter: Max Veneziano gets stuck

I have just posted another excerpt from Parashooter, its rather difficult to find something of non-explicit sexual nature (suitable for Youtube) in Kristen Bjorn’s movies, but some transitions scenes are rather innovative and ineresting for gay porn. Here’s one of the classics – Max Veneziano lands unsuccessfully (or successfully) and gets stuck in the trees of the jungle, Paulão do Picão looks quite natural taking advantage of this situation, “What the fuck are you doing?” line is hilarious. Here are some photos from the scene And behind the scenes. Full set of pictures, watch entire movie or order DVD Parashooter are available at We’ll get to more of...

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