Author: kristenbjorn

Obey Me: Andy Onassis, Angelo Curti

OBEYME_preview Obey Me: Andy Onassis, Angelo Curti Andy Onassis has been impatiently waiting for Angelo Curti and now Angelo has to pay the price for keeping his daddy waiting. As Angelo offers himself up as Andy’s ottoman, he must also flex his ass for him as Andy applies a little discipline. Andy unleashes his mammoth cock and Angelo’s eyes pop wide open in amazement of the considerable size and also twinkle knowing that he gets to pleasure such a monster cock. Doing everything within his powers, Angelo opens his mouth as wide as it will go and attempts to...

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Casting Couch #403: Leo Rayo, Jorge Leal

cc403_preview Casting Couch 403: Jorge Leal, Leo Rayo On a cool, rainy day our sexy, muscle daddy, Jorge Leal is waiting for his favorite boy, Leo Rayo to come pleasure him. Leo arrives and finds Jorge already stripped down to his underwear and ready for action. Jorge is happy to see Leo and greets him with passionate kissing and stroking of his hot body. Leo knows his place and immediately goes down on Jorge’s hard, meaty cock. Knowing exactly how to suck Jorge’s cock Leo does it with an enthusiasm that would pleasure any cock, but especially Jorge’s. Being...

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Born For Porn: Kris de Fabio, Ridder Rivera, Manuel Scalco

BORN_preview Born for Porn: Ridder Rivera, Manuel Scalco, Kris de Fabio Ridder Rivera, Kris de Fabio and Manuel Scalco have all admired the others work and decide to get together and see what special gifts each brings and why each feels they were Born for Porn. Kris is the first to pull his cock out and drop to his knees to suck his buddies’ cocks, so we think that would make him the hungry exhibitionist. As Kris gets busy devouring his buddies’ cocks, we can see that Manuel is the hot-blooded, passionate Italian, as Ridder stands strong and firm...

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Horseplay: Lucio Saints, Maximo Fuentes

HORSEPLAY_preview Horseplay: Lucio Saints, Maximo Fuentes Maximo Fuentes heard that Lucio Saints had returned to filming and he wanted to get in on that horse-cock as quickly as possible. As the guys enter Maximo’s apartment, Lucio puts him to work real fast by stuffing his mouth full of his huge, meaty cock. Maximo has waited a long time for this opportunity and does everything that he can to choke down Lucio’s massive cock. Lucio is getting off on watching Maximo’s stellar efforts and takes it up a notch and grabs his head and begins face fucking him, forcing his...

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Rub-A-Dub: Alex Berg, Apolo Fire

RUBADUB_preview Rub-A-Dub: Alex Berg, Apolo Fire Alex Berg and Apolo Fire decide to try something new and head off to the bathtub for some fun. The guys strip down and step into the tub while Apolo is sucking on hairy, muscle man; Alex’s hard cock as Alex decides to shower. As the water rushes over his hairy chest and ripped abs it reaches Apolo’s lips and refreshes his desire. Apolo is an expert cock sucker and just devours Alex’s cock, pushing him to the limits. Alex is unable to hold back and showers Apolo’s chest with his hot load...

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