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The Guest: Xavi Duran, Felipe Ferro, Mario Galeno

guest_preview The Guest: Xavi Duran, Felipe Ferro, Mario Galeno Xavi Duran loves a party, so he invites some special guests over, Felipe Ferro and Mario Galeno. Mario arrives first and he and Xavi waste no time in getting naked and acquainted with each other when Felipe walks in to find he is definitely at the right party. Felipe quickly strips and joins the party. He walks over and begins sucking on Xavi’s fat cock, its what any good guest would do. Felipe then turns his attention and mouth towards Mario and begins servicing his equally meaty cock. Returning his...

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Hunks: Attila Kardos, Torsen Wolf

HUNKS_preview Hunks: Attila Kardos, Torsen Wolf Torsen Wolf is on holiday and turns on his Hunks App to find the sexy Attila Kardos. Attila invites Torsen over and they are immediately attracted to each other. Of course, all the small talk has taken place on the App and now it is time for action. The guys quickly strip down and size each other up. Torsen drops to his knees and begins to suck and swallow the hot Hungarian cock of Attila. Torsen and Attila go back and forth with their cock sucking before Attila moves the action to the...

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Bare to the Bone Part 1

barebone1_preview 12 of the world’s hottest men in 6 different scenes get together to suck and fuck the cum out of each other! With 2 and a half hours of bare, man-sex action, this DVD is guaranteed to make your bone shoot over and over again! When a man is stripped of his protective armor he is left standing Bare and filled with pride as his majestic cock rises. Confidence in knowing that his masterful cock brings pleasure to himself and all those who it touches. So we say strip Bare to the Bone, feel the pride of your...

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Easy Lay: Nicoli Cole, Ely Chaim

easylay_preview Nicoli Cole gives Ely Chaim a call after he leaves the gym. Nicoli knows that Ely is always horny and Nicoli has worked up an appetite for Ely’s cock while at the gym pumping iron. Ely proves to be the one constant in Nicoli’s life as his excitement is popping out of the top of his pants. Seeing his excitement, Nicoli immediately chokes down Ely’s steely rod. Ely knows that Nicoli is a hungry cock sucker and he takes full advantage of the situation and fucks his handsome face. Turning the tables, Ely savors Nicoli’s meaty cock, making...

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