Author: kristenbjorn

Cause & Effect: Gabriel Lunna, Juanjo Rodriguez

CAUSE_preview Cause & Effect: Gabriel Lunna, Juanjo Rodriguez Juanjo Rodriguez and Gabriel Lunna were heavily cruising each other at the gym, so Juanjo waits outside to see if Gabriel is truly interested. Sure, enough he is as the two spot each other outside of the gym and make a connection. Juanjo invites Gabriel back to his place where there are immediately found in their underwear. The guys begin to size each other up, but it is their hard cocks that reveal the true effect of what they have caused each other’s cocks to do. As the seductive stroking, stripping...

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Men’s Needs: Manuel Scalco, Apolo Fire

NEEDS_preview Men’s Needs: Manuel Scalco, Apolo Fire Manuel Scalco and Apolo Fire return home from the after-hours party and have been dancing with sexy, sweaty muscled men all night and are full of many Needs. As they start kissing it is their throbbing, hard cocks that are demanding attention. The strong, uncut cocks are unleashed and Manuel begins sucking on Apolo’s huge cock and balls. Apolo enjoys feeding Manual’s need for cock and makes sure that he gets every inch of it. Manuel flips with Apolo and Apolo immediately begins sucking his cock making it harder and stronger than...

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Casting Couch 387: Alexander Mathews, Gianni Maggio

cc387_preview Casting Couch 387: Alexander Mathews, Gianni Maggio While out for a run Gianni Maggio runs into an old fuck friend, Alexander Mathews and invites him back to his place. Since Gianni is already half naked it is only customary for the guest to join his host. As Gianni is having a feel of Alexander’s hot ass, Alexander is remembering why he always enjoyed his encounters with Gianni as his hand struggles to wrap around that massive cock. As Alexander begins his attempt to swallow Gianni’s huge cock, Gianni assists with some of his own saliva as he drools...

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French Kiss: Torsen Wolf, Manuel Skye

FRENCHKISS_preview French Kiss: Torsen Wolf, Manuel Skye With the room illuminated by candle light, Torsen Wolf slips into the tub of hot water awaiting the arrival of his lover Manuel Skye. Manuel enters the room and is delighted to see that Torsen is still aroused. Joining that level of arousal, Manuel begins to feed Torsen his huge, hard cock. Torsen expertly services Manuel’s cock and balls with his famished mouth and tongue. Manuel flips with Torsen and begins sucking on his cock then flipping him around and probing his hot ass with his strong tongue. Torsen and Manuel retire...

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