Month: September 2017

Full Of Spunk: Ely Chaim, Xavi Duran

spunk_sc5_preview On a mild summer day, the heat begins to rise when Ely Chaim and Xavi Duran hook up. Ely lowers Xavi’s sweat pants and feels the hot, meaty flesh of Xavi’s fat cock as he takes it into his hands. As he strokes the massive cock he feels how the girth continues to grow and expand his grip. Ely takes Xavi’s hot cock into his mouth and savors how the hot, meaty cock forces his mouth to stretch to its limits to accommodate it all. As Xavi feeds Ely his weighty cock, Ely strokes his cock to...

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Bulge: Attila Kardos, Ricky Piedra

bulge_preview Attila Kardos has shown up for his photo shoot with the world-famous fashion photographer; Ricky Piedra. During the shoot Attila decides that the swimsuit needs to be filled out just a little more and begins stroking himself and consequently more than adequately fills the swimsuit. Ricky is impressed with Attila’s initiative and moves in to inspect how well his bulge has grown. In an instant that bulge is bouncing out of the swimsuit and into Ricky’s hungry mouth. Ricky masterfully works his way up and down Attila’s long cock shaft, forcing the full length down his throat....

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Casting Couch #373: Mikel Duke, Peter Conner

cc373_preview Peter Conner is out having a drink when he spots Mikel Duke across the bar. Peter has seen Mikel here before and has lusted for him ever since that first spotting. Tonight, Peter invites Mikel over and the fusion of rich, deep, dark chocolate and creamy milk chocolate begins. The passionate kissing has both men’s cocks busting to be free and Peter releases Mikel’s cock from his underwear into his awaiting mouth. Mikel’s huge, fat cock fills Peter’s mouth with pleasure as he runs his moist lips up and down that cock’s shaft. Mikel can’t wait any...

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Bareback Bam: Gabriel Lunna, Bambam

barebackbam_preview Gabriel Lunna has been hitting the gym really hard lately and has been admiring the muscular physique of Bambam. Little does Gabriel know, but Bambam has been admiring all of Gabriel’s hard work. Gabriel finally works up the nerve and invites Bambam over after the gym. When they arrive, it is evident what both men want from the other. Gabriel drops to his knees and unharnesses Bambam’s granite cock with its hook at the head that makes it so much easier to glide down Gabriel’s accommodating throat.  Bambam grabs Gabriel by the head and begins forcing his...

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Casting Couch 372: Gabriel Lunna, Attila Kardos

cc372_preview Gabriel Lunna and Attila Kardos were both working the late security shift at the big club in town when they decided to hook up after their shift. Attila drops to his knees and unleashes Gabriel’s pulsating cock and takes it passionately and assuredly deep into his mouth. Gabriel has been eyeing Attila’s bulge at work and can’t wait to get his hands, lips and ass on it. Gabriel wraps his lips around Attlia’s smooth cock and runs his lips and tongue up and down the hot shaft of his cock. After lavishing Attila’s cock with his expert...

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