Month: April 2017

Sex Men: Lather – Felipe Ferro, Julio Rey, Ely Chaim

sexmen8_preview Julio Rey is meeting up with his very good friends Felipe Ferro and Ely Chaim and brings along some champagne to add to the festivities. Felipe and Ely are at home lathering up in the tub when a big surprise pops up out of the water. Julio walks in to find Ely fucking Felipe’s hungry mouth with his long, slick, hard cock. Julio greets his friends fully naked, completely erect and spraying them with the champagne. Now that everyone is nice and bubbly it is time to savor each other’s bodies. Ely and Felipe takes turns sucking on...

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Fast Paced, sc. 3 – George Ce, Nick Prescott

Nick Prescott rests on the couch, his head in the lap of muscular George Ce—who is quickly distracted from his book by Nick’s furry chest. Nick wakes from his slumber, rubbing George’s massive body. They kiss, Nick gripping George’s pec and planting his mouth on the hunk’s growing jean bulge. Nick soon opens wide to take in the thick rocket, George guiding the sucker’s head down with his hands. George slides his hand inside Nick’s shorts, rubbing his ass. They kiss, Nick’s giant tent pole ready to pop. George releases the stiff-as-steel shaft and sucks it deep, Nick whipping...

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Casting Couch #366: Mateo Sandoval, Salvador Mendoza

cc366_preview Salvador Mendoza and Mateo Sandoval have had a wild night clubbing and return home horny as fuck. Salvador takes Mateo’s long, hard cock shaft deep into his mouth and begins pleasuring him and brings his cock to its true and full length. Mateo takes his turn and time savoring Salvador’s hot cock, making sure to take in the flavor, aroma of musk that has built up throughout the night. Mateo leans Salvador onto his back and begins probing his furry ass with his probing tongue and hungry lips. Salvador is then bent over the dining chair as Mateo...

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Starting April 26th, each website will feature the others content on a biweekly basis over the next 12 months, giving each other’s members the opportunity to enjoy some of the highest quality, bareback gay porn in the industry today. The two multi-award winning studios both feature handsome, muscular and masculine men participating in hot, condom free sex scenes in both couples and groups. The addition of more high quality raw content is a win-win situation for members of both sites! Thank you for your support, Kristen Bjorn...

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Full Of Spunk: Ivan Gregory, Denis Sokolov, Lucas Fox

fullspunk_sc3_preview Lucas Fox is at home relaxing when Ivan Gregory wanders in with his new find, Denis Sokolov. Naturally when you have a guest over you strip them down. Being a cordial guest, Denis drops to his knees and begins to service Ivan and Lucas’ mighty cocks with his hungry mouth. Denis works his way from one hot cock to the other before Ivan jumps in and makes is a sucksation of cock sucking. Ivan and Lucas are impressed with Denis’ meaty ass and Ivan plunges his fat cock deep into his bare ass as Lucas feeds him his...

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