Month: December 2016

Sex Men: Our Eden – Julio Rey, Santi Nogeira

sexmen1_preview Julio Rey is home studying up on some art by Picasso when Santi Noguera arrives and finds Julio excited by one of the pieces of art. The art and the apple Julio is eating makes him realize the symbolism between the two. Santi moves in and picks up where the art left off. Both men strip down and Santi feeds his splendid cock to Julio. Pleasure floods Santi’s senses as his cock is engulfed with the warmth and firmness of Julio’s lips and tongue. Santi then turns his attention to Julio’s magnificent cock and yields to the rapture...

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Sands of Time – The Hourglass Ch. 2 Jalil Jafar, Donato Reyes, Valentino Medici, Tomas Friedel

sands4_preview When we last saw our hot guys Jalil and Donato had decided to stay after at an elegant party with their hosts Valentino and Tomas. This turned out to be one hot, steamy after party. Now the stakes have been risen and there is a game to be played, one game, grab as much pleasure as possible before the sands of time run out in the hourglass. Jalil and Donato are in one room and Valentino and Tomas are in another, it is now time for the game and the sands to begin flowing. Donato and Tomas exit...

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Wild Seed: Viktor Rom, Gabriel Lunna

wildseed1_preview Viktor Rom and Gabriel Lunna have met up in the past and demanded a chance to go at each other once again. With familiarity comes the knowledge of what and how your partner likes and gives you the ability to push boundaries. Viktor starts out by worshiping Gabriel’s rock solid cock as it appears that his cock continues to grow harder and longer with Viktor’s lips being stretched further and further. Gabriel switches up with Viktor, knowing that his balls have drawn up high and tight and ready to erupt. Memories fill Gabriel’s mind as he opens his...

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Happy Holidays

twv1 Ring in the Holidays and the New Year with incredible savings! Holiday Special Limited Time Offer; 40% Off memberships at Click...

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Hot Stuff: Deep And Tight – Wagner Vittoria, Sergi Rodriguez, Xavi Garcia

hotstuff12_preview Wagner Vittoria has arranged for a little sex party at his flat and eagerly awaits the arrival of Xavi Garcia and Sergi Rodriguez. Sergi is anxious to get started and immediately begins sucking on Xavi and Wagner’s huge, uncut cocks. Both men feed and fuck Sergi’s deep throat with ease. Wagner then dives tongue first into Sergi’s tight, pink hole while Xavi worships Wagner’s fat cock with his hot lips. Wagner flips Xavi and rams his raw cock deep into his hairy hole, while Xavi takes his turn at eating Sergi’s smooth ass. Now Xavi takes his turn...

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