Month: November 2016

Horndogs, sc. 12 – Sergyo, Ansony

horndogs12_preview Ansony invites Sergyo back to his flat after the gym. As the guys remove their shirts we can see that Ansony’s jeans find it impossible to contain his excitement and his monster cock. Sergyo is impressed and intimidated when Ansony releases his massive anaconda from his jeans, but a tender kiss reassures Sergyo as he drops to his knees. Sergyo pulls out every trick that he knows and does all that he can to suck and swallow as much as he can of Ansony’s cock. Ansony moves in and plunges his wet tongue deep into Sergyo’s smooth, pink...

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Intuition, sc. 3: Danny King, Scotch Inkom By the pool, ripped Danny King stretches tattooed muscle man Scotch Inkom. After working his bud’s back, Danny (whose jet-black hair complements his built tan bod) works on Scotch’s legs — quickly enjoying the stud’s cock as spit strands slide from his mouth. Danny strips down, unveiling his chiseled stomach and killer cock as he crouches down to feed Scotch. The moaning Danny plunge fucks his bud’s lips before the attentive Scotch turns his attention (and his tongue) to the hunk’s balls. Danny sits his hole on Scotch’s hungry mouth, the two stroking their cocks in an unforgettable...

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Hot Stuff: Pure Pleasure – Dolf Dietrich, Ivan Gregory, Titan Tex

  While out for a walk, Ivan Gregory catches the attention of Dolf Dietrich and Titan Tex, who immediately invite him up. The guys all know what the others want and each man exposes his own gigantic cock to the pleasure of all prying eyes. Ivan plunges right in and begins to suck on Dolf’s huge cock, feeling the long shaft fill his mouth and throat. Dolf then commands Ivan to suck on Titan’s monster black cock, that Ivan forces down his throat. Ivan is hot for Titan’s cock and tells him to fuck his mouth and opens up...

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Trouser Bar

Trouser Bar hits the International Film Festival Circuit. The film has been seen in numerous cities around the world, Seattle, Calgary, Madrid, London, Hong Kong and NYC this February. The film was just shown at the Mix Brasil Festival where it was awarded the Best International Short Film 2016.  The cast includes: Ashley Ryder, Denholm Spurr, Florian Klein, Craig Daniel and Zac Renfree. We are very proud of the incredible work done by our very own Kristen Bjorn in directing this film. Congratulations Kristen! The script of this short but controversial erotic fantasy was in the collection of Peter...

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Casting Couch #360: Adrian Monroy, Xavi Garcia

cc360_preview1 Xavi Garcia has spotted Adrian Monroy at the club and invites him back to his hotel. It is a hot and interesting mix of scruffy, muscle bear and smooth, mocha muscled stud. Adrian loves the feel of Xavi’s hairy muscular chest and pierced nipples as he runs his hands through his fur and tugs on his piercings. Of course, Xavi loves all this attention as his cock grows to full girth and begs to be released. Xavi begins sucking on Adrian’s smooth chocolate cock filling his senses with pleasure as he breathes in Adrian’s aroma of musk. Adrian...

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