Month: March 2016

In The Flesh, sc. 12 – Gabriel Lunna, Cody Banx

flesh12_preview Gabriel Lunna and Cody Banx have heard rumors that one is better at cock sucking than the other. So they get together to see who truly is the better cock sucker. The clothes are stripped away and the cocks come out and the sucksation begins. Gabriel inhales Cody’s cock and swallows it down his slick throat. He works his tongue up and down the shaft and then taunts, teases, tantalizes and nibbles on his foreskin. Gabriel has proven himself to be a worthy opponent, so now it is time for Cody to prove his cock sucking skills. Cody...

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The British Film Institute presents: Trouser Bar, directed by Kristen Bjorn in London

Trouser Bar dir. Kristen Bjorn, UK 2016, 20min With Hans Berlin, Scott Hunter, Denholm Spurr, Zac Renfree, Ashley Ryder and Craig Daniel. BFI Flare is proud to present the world premiere of the eagerly awaited Trouser Bar. Once attributed to a noted British theatrical star, the script of this short but controversial erotic fantasy was in the collection of the late Peter de Rome, a festival favourite, who attended several times to discuss his own work as an erotic film-maker. Following de Rome’s death two years ago producer David McGillivray embarked on something of a personal crusade to make...

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Meat Men: Giving One’s All – Hugo Arenas, Aitor Bravo, John Rodriguez

meatmen_giving1sall_preview Aitor invites his fuck buddies Hugo and John over for a wild afternoon. The guys arrive and immediately begin stripping away their clothes and freeing their giant, hard cocks. Everyone takes turns sucking everyone’s cock, Aitor and John double up on Hugo’s monstrous cock multiplying his pleasure. Aitor is the first to plunge Hugo’s raw cock completely up his ass and takes it for a hard ride. While Aitor is riding Hugo’s hot cock, John lowers his ass over Hugo’s hungry tongue, Hugo fucks both of his friends, one with his tongue the other with his cock. Aitor...

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In The Flesh, sc. 11 – Max Toro, Karl Lion

flesh11_preview Karl is feeling a little horny, but is ready to go to the gym. While he is waiting for Max, Max appears in his towel and smells Karl’s testosterone permeating the room. As the aroma fills Max’s senses his cock is also filling with desire and lust for Karl. Max descends the stairs and flops his hefty cock over the rail for Karl to suck on. With Max’s cock strapped with leather it is all fat meat forcing its way in and down Karl’s mouth and throat. Karl is one hungry cock sucker and proves his skills by...

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Roll in the Hay: Spencer Reed, Tristan Pheonix

Spencer Reed, carrying feed bags in for the horses, discovers Tristan Phoenix taking a quick afternoon nap. Liking the idea of a rest, Spencer sits down. But instead of taking a nap Spencer needs a quick jerk-off session. Making sure Tristan is sleeping, Spencer glances over before taking out his cock and starts stroking his meat. Tristan is not asleep anymore! he watches Spencer stroke his thick cock and begins to do the same. Spencer can hear Tristan stroking, but this doesn’t stop him. Tristan gets up and comes over to lend Spencer a helping hand and mouth. Tristan...

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