Month: February 2016

Meat Men: Run Across – Juanjo Rodriguez, Malek Tobias

meatmen_run_preview As Juanjo runs through the park is his ever revealing running pants, Malek’s attention is caught and he knows he must have this man. Malek follows Juanjo back to his apartment and is engulfed in Juanjo’s seductive kissing and stroking. Juanjo strips down completely and steps into the shower. Malek salivates as he watches the water flowing across Juanjo’s perfectly muscled body. Malek is then pulled into the shower by Juanjo with his t-shirt and underwear still on. As the water cascades over both men, Juanjo drops to his knees and takes Malek’s straining cock all the way...

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In The Flesh, sc. 10 – Gabriel Lunna, Marc Ferrer

flesh10_preview Gabriel invites Marc over to his library for a not so literary afternoon. The guys quickly strip away their clothes and begin stroking each other’s huge, uncut cocks. The kissing is passionate, the cocks are rock hard and the desire runs as deep as the deepest ocean. Speaking of deep, Gabriel takes Marc’s cock fully into his mouth and down his hungry throat. As Gabriel works his way up and down Marc’s lengthy shaft it glistens and glimmers with the promise of much more pleasure to come. Gabriel has taken Marc to the point of no return as...

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Under the Big Top Sc. 1 Slava Petrovich, Pietro Rosselli

Pietro licks Slava all over, fingers his butt, tosses him on a table, and applies his tongue from Slava’s pucker, up his fat, rounded balls and along his slightly crooked cock shaft, pausing here and there to plunge his tongue in the hole He stands up and sticks his fat Italian sausage in Slava’s well-prepped hole and fucks him slowly missionary until streams of cum spurt from his lover’s cock. Pietro pulls out and spurts his cream from a remarkably similar looking, uncut shaft, all over Slava’s crotch. Pietro then turns around and invites Slava to toss his cock...

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Meat Men: Ride Me – Hans Berlin, Gabriel Lunna, Alberto Esposito

meatmen_rideme_preview Gabriel and Alberto head out to the balcony and spot the man they invited over online, Hans. Upon entering the couple’s apartment the men promptly begin kissing each other seductively and stripping away each other’s clothes. The men take to the sofa and Hans comes from the back of the sofa to taste the delights of both men’s hefty, uncut cocks. Hans works his way back and forth from hairy, masculine cock to the smooth muscled cock, making sure each cock stretches his throat open. Being flipped onto his back, Hans’ cock and hot, pink hole are worked...

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