Month: October 2015

Gabriel Lunna Exclusive New Model Meet the new Exclusive Model to join the Kristen Bjorn stable of studs. Gabriel is from Spain, is 5’10”, 185 lbs., 8.5″ cut and versatile. Catch Gabriel this weekend in his debut film where he puts that hot cock into action and creams his co-stars ass with his thick, creamy load of...

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Skins: Inches – Hans Berlin, Viktor Rom, Ansony

skins6_preview Ansony and Viktor find themselves out on the street and horny as fuck. So they decide to head off and find a place to get it on. On their way they spot a hot man, Hans, on the balcony in only his briefs. Hans invites up the sexy strangers and all 3 men quickly strip down as Hans moves in on their monumental cocks. Hans works his way from one monster cock to the other leaving them both dripping wet and begging for more. Hans then hovers from the counter top as Ansony drives his hungry tongue up...

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In The Flesh, sc. 1 – Viktor Rom, Mario Domenech, Hugo Arenas

flesh1_preview Looking a bit threadbare, Mario catches the attention of Viktor and Hugo as he passes by. Intrigued by the sexy man that captured their attention, Viktor and Hugo investigate further. The investigation of this sexy man leads them back to Hugo’s nearby apartment. Once there the clothes start getting stripped away as Viktor and Hugo’s massive cocks are jetting out of the pockets of their jeans. The three bearded men begin kissing each other passionately as they stroke each other’s enormous cocks. And so the cock sucking train has left the station as Mario attempts to devour Viktor’s...

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Skins: Intimate – Malek Tobias, Alejandro Alvarez First Raw Cock for Alejandro!

skins5_preview Malek and Alejandro are out enjoying the park on one of the last nice days of autumn. The cool, brisk air has made them both feel a bit frisky and a heightened desire for each other. Returning home they immediately strip away their clothes. Alejandro begins by running his lips and tongue up and down the long, hot shaft of Malek’s huge cock. Malek then takes Alejandro’s huge cock in his mouth and attempts to swallow it all the way to his balls. The guys move into a position where they are able to give each other the...

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Bare To The Bone, sc. 12 – James Castle, Alberto Esposito

barebone12_preview Alberto and James have hooked up online and waste no time going after what they each want from the other. Alberto frees his uncut cock as it springs forward and James wraps his hand around the hot man flesh. James then takes Alberto’s cock into his mouth as the burly Alberto moans with pleasure. Turning things around, Alberto sucks on James’s cock and then ass, showing James that a rugged man can be tender as well. Alberto then gives up his hairy hole for James’ raw cock as James buries his cock deep inside of Alberto. Flipping over,...

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