Month: August 2015

Skins: 3Some – Isaac Eliad, Jared, Marek Borek

skins1_preview 1, 2, 3Some, everyone loves to be the center of attention sometimes. Isaac, Jared and Marek slowly strip away their clothes and begin sucking each other’s cocks in as many positions as possible. Jared is the first to get his ass fingered, spat on, probed and tongue fucked. Since his ass is already lubed up Isaac shoves his fat, raw cock in Jared’s hot hole as he sucks on Marek’s pounding cock. Jared is then flipped onto his back and Marek plunges his raw cock deep inside of that wet ass. Isaac enters into a hot 69 with...

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Bare To The Bone, sc. 8 – John Rodriguez, Peter Coxx, Rick De Silver

barebone8_preview Rick has hooked up online with Peter and text his friend, John to join them. As all three cocks are unleashed, Peter realizes that this is going to be a good day. Peter gets his fat cock sucked and swallowed by John, who is having his hot cock serviced by Rick. Each of the guys is a hungry cock sucker and eagerly devours the cock in front of him. Peter’s huge balls are drawn up tight in anticipation of blowing a huge load as John continues to inhale that huge cock. Rick wants a piece of that enormous...

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Raw Adventures sc. 16 – Hot Winter: Arnau Vila, Toby Dutch, Tom Vojak

rawadv16_preview Arnau and Toby meet up after leaving the gym and Arnau tempts Toby with pictures of his sexy boyfriend Tom. This cold winter day just got a lot hotter. Tom takes his huge cock out and begins feeding it to the boys. Arnau and Toby are hot cock suckers and more than eager to get a taste of this hot cock. Toby and Arnau take turns on Tom’s cock until Arnau is put in the middle and Toby eats his ass as Tom forces his hard cock down his throat. Toby is so hot from eating Arnau’s tight...

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Bare To The Bone, sc. 7 – Letterio Amadeo, Stephan Raw

barebone7_preview Letterio made plans to meet up with Stephan and told him that if he was late he would be punished. Of course Stephan was late and Letterio started things off by showing him who was in charge. Letterio strips Stephan then forces his huge, fat cock down his throat. As much as Stephan gags on the huge cock, Letterio continues to force feed him his cock. Letterio runs his hot tongue from Stephan’s hole to his taint, to balls, to cock shaft, to the uncut foreskin to tease and prepare Stephan for what is to come. Once satisfied...

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Raw Adventures sc. 15 – On The Top: William Bravo, Jared

rawadv15_preview William and Jared meet up in the park and return to Jared’s apartment close by. Both men are hungry for one another but their nervousness gets in the way. As they slowly strip away their clothing revealing their perfectly sculpted bodies the nervousness is gone. As William reveals his mammoth mahogany cock Jared is salivating thinking of this huge cock working its way down his throat. William drives Jared’s appetite through the roof with his hot mouth gliding up and down his hard shaft. William knows that Jared has reached his peek of lust and desire and forces...

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