Month: June 2015

Raw Adventures sc, 13 – Parallel Lives: Arnau Vila, Mirec Ceslar

rawadv13_preview On a cold wintery day two men find themselves out on the street looking for a hot connection. Arnau and Mirec spot each other from across the street and exchange knowing glances and those glances lead to an unspoken invitation to follow and so Mirec follows Arnau home. The passionate kissing begins along with the slow and seductive stripping away of clothing until both men have exposed their true desires. Arnau feeds Mirec his hot cock that drives Mirec wild with a desire for more. Hungry with the same desire, Arnau takes Mirec deep into his mouth and...

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Bare To The Bone, sc. 4 – Letterio Amadeo, Raul Korso, Toffic

barebone4_preview Letterio and Toffic are hanging out having a smoke when Raul stops and asks for a light. After a brief conversation, Raul invites the handsome couple over to his place. Once in the apartment the clothes are quickly stripped away and Raul and Toffic begin tag teaming Letterio’s huge, uncut cock. Sharing this massive cock and forcing it down each one’s throat only gives Raul and Toffic the desire to suck it more. Toffic lavishes Raul with his ass to eat while Letterio devours his rock hard cock. Once Toffic’s ass is sufficiently lubed with spit he sits...

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Bucks Country 1 Into The Wild – Conner Maguire, Donnie Dean

Country boy Connor Maguire is feeling frisky, so he finds a quiet place in the barn to jack off. His body is hard and firm, and he has a sprinkling of reddish hair across his pecs and down his tummy that lead to his super hard cock. There’s an old truck in the barn, and sexy Donnie Dean is snoozing in the front seat. He wakes up when he hears Connor and he emerges from his nap ready to suck. Donnie’s hard-bodied enthusiasm is infectious. It’s a tossup which is hotter — his mouth or his hole — and...

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Raw Adventures sc. 12 – Smell Men: Tom Vojak, Marek Borek, Patryk Jankowski

rawadv12_preview On a crisp winter day Tom and Marek are hanging out in the park when Patryk comes along. Intrigued by the two hot strangers Patryk approaches and the pheromones are raging out of control. Tom and Marek reach into their pants and rub their cocks then force Patryk to smell the scent on their hands. This gives Patryk a hard on that won’t quite. Once Patryk has been marked with their scent they return to their apartment with him. The guys all strip down to their underwear and Patryk takes in the full man smell of Tom’s cock...

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