Month: May 2015

Bare to the Bone, sc. 2 – James Castle, John Rodriguez, Enzo Cortes

barebone2_preview John and Enzo tempt James into joining them for an evening of erotic pleasures. Of course James finds himself in the middle of all the attention as all 3 of the men’s cocks are busting to be released from their jeans. Since James is the guest it is only good manners that he gets to suck everyone’s cocks first. James works his way back and forth from one hot, massive cock to the other, savoring the long shafts that lead to the full sacs of cum. Wanting to pleasure his hosts, James takes both of their meaty cocks...

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Ready to Fuck – Ryan Rose, Nick Sterling

Ready to Fuck is a Falcon Studios Group production with cross promotions by Kristen Bjorn Productions. Ryan and Nick had a deep desire to fuck with each other. The scene starts out with both men in their sexy underwear that quickly get stripped away and the hot cock sucking and ass rimming begins. This drives their desire to be with each other into overdrive as they flip fuck each other. After some hot flip fucking Ryan feeds Nick his hot...

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Casting Couch #343: Felipe Ferro, Jose Quevedo

cc343_preview After a few drinks at the local pub Felipe invites Jose over for a wild night of raw sex. The men find that they are a great match as they strip away each other’s clothes and find sexy muscled bodies, hairy torsos, and a hunger for cock and ass. They work the other’s nipples with some hard biting that drives them both wild with desire for more. Filipe releases his manly cock and begins feeding Jose’s famished throat with it. Jose exposes his rock hard cock and instructs Felipe exactly how he likes his cock to be sucked...

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Timberwolves – Tommy Defendi, Adam Ramzi

Tommy Defendi wants to bone Adam Ramzi, but he isn’t quite sure if Adam’s up for it. While changing his clothes, Tommy gauges Adam’s reaction. Adam clearly pretends not to look as Tommy scratches his exposed balls and gives his cock a tug. But Tommy knows that Adam’s game, and he bounds over to Adam, grabs him by the throat and plunges his tongue into Adam’s mouth. Their cocks rise to the occasion. Tommy’s massive meat grows fully erect, and Adam’s sizable piece follows suit. As they kiss, their hands reach down to grasp each other’s hard ons. Both...

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Raw Adventures sc. 10 – Training Day: Arny Donan, Toby Dutch, Jared

rawadv10_preview Jared is on his way to the gym and is in for a more strenuous workout than he has planned. As Jared strips down to his jock strap he notices that Arny is putting on a show by flexing his muscles for Toby. Arny steps up onto the bench so his captive audience has a better view. The view of his own jock strap captures Toby and Jared’s attention so they free his strikingly hard cock and begin sharing the oral pleasures. After some intense sucking Arny lays down on the bench and Jared mounts him from on...

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