Month: April 2015

Raw Adventures sc. 9 – Intense: Tom Vojak, Hugo Arias

rawadv9_preview On a chilly spring day Tom is out enjoying the thaw of winter and spies a hot guy (Hugo) out enjoying the weather as well. The two decide to return to Tom’s place where Tom slowly disrobes Hugo. Tom liberates Hugo’s smooth, downward curving cock and begins to feel how easily this hook cock glides down his throat. Hugo is taunted and teased before he is treated to Tom’s long, smooth, pearly shaft and ultra pink head. Hugo wastes no time and ingests all of Tom’s hard, straining cock and forces that pink head to explode in size....

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Addicted – Damien Crosse, Alex Marte

This scene is brought to you by a cross promotion with The Falcon Studios Group and Kristen Bjorn Productions. Muscle studs Damien Crosse and Alex Marte spend an entire afternoon fucking each other on a roof top in downtown Madrid, out in the open and under the sun with the whole city watching–including Francesco D’Macho who gets a close up view with a pair of binoculars! These men love sex, and both are experts in the art of pleasure. If you are a fan of hairy bodies and Olympian muscles, this switch-hit scene is a must watch. Damien, one...

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Raw Adventures sc. 8 – The Bridge: James Castle, Ansony

rawadv8_preview James and Ansony are sightseeing and come across a beautiful bridge made in a very modern/futuristic style. Taking in all the beauty makes their hearts race as they find a deeper attraction to one another. They return to the hotel and Ansony’s huge cock cannot contain its excitement when he sees James lounging on the sofa. Ansony knows that James’ nipples are very sensitive so he licks and stimulates them until it drives James crazy. James’ cock is so engorged and straining to be set free from the confines of his underwear that when it is it almost...

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On the Prowl, sc. 18 – Max Toro, David Lambert

prowl18_preview Max is hanging out on the street feeling a little pensive when David passes by. Max immediately thinks this is exactly when I need to pull me out of this feeling. David returns with Max to his apartment and the two devour each other with passionate kissing as the clothes slowly drop away. As David’s long, uncut cock is released Max knows this is exactly what he needs. David then pulls out Max’s huge, fat cock and is more than impressed. After docking with David Max takes David’s hard cock into his mouth and works his lips up...

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