Month: January 2015

Raw Adventures, sc. 4 – Photobooth: James Castle, Logan Moore

rawadv4_preview James and Logan are out having a fun and romantic day. When they pass a photo booth in the metro they stop for some fun and daring photos. Both suck each other’s meaty cocks for the camera before heading home where they can really get raw. Logan begins by tongue fucking James’ perfect pink hole. Logan senses that James is primed at this point and shoves his raw cock deep inside of his well lubed ass.  Logan’s eyes roll back as he is overwhelmed with the incredible sensation of his un-sheathed cock fucking that perfect hole. James begs...

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Built Tough: Micah Brandt, Zeb Atlas

RSS100_SA_preview Micah Brandt, the muscled, dark-skinned laborer, unloads the back of the truck when Foreman Zeb Atlas surprises him. Zeb is BUILT TOUGH and in charge, and he orders Micah to suck his cock. Startled but willing, Micah obeys, almost gagging in his attempts to swallow the long, thick muscle. Ready for more, the macho foreman stands up his helper and plows his ass hard. Micah howls and grits his teeth, taking every stroke like a trooper which excites Zeb and encourages him to deliver even harder. He gets even more aggressive as he punishes Micah’s tight, hot hole...

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Casting Couch #339: Ricardo Rubio, Jesse Dalmau

cc339_preview Ricardo has been hunting for men online and has gotten himself very horny. As he begins to pleasure himself he slips into his fantasy and finds Jesse waiting for him there. As with any fantasy it is all about your desires, your wants, your needs, your pleasure. Ricardo is hungry to suck cock and Jesse feeds him his enormous cock. Jesse begins to fuck the entire shaft of his cock down Ricardo’s throat as his low hanging balls slap against Ricardo’s chin. Ricardo’s fantasy evolves and Jesse is now sucking on Ricardo’s cock. Jesse knows exactly what Ricardo...

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Kristen Bjorn offers Epoch/PayPal

GREAT NEWS! We are now accepting payments via PayPal, through their partnership with Epoch! To use it, click on the preferred payment platform menu and choose ‘Epoch / PayPal’. When you click on the purchase button, you will see the PayPal payment option. For the moment, the PayPal option is for website memberships or Video on Demand purchases, not yet available for DVD...

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On the Prowl – Scene 14: Arnau Vila, Jered Aquila

prowl14_preview After lunch Jered invites Arnau over. As they leisurely undress each other they enjoy the touch, smell and feel of the others sculptured body. Their hands unfasten the others pants as they fall gently and expose their strong and rigid cocks. Jered takes the full breadth of Arnau’s straining cock, feeling his balls resting upon his chin. Arnau switches with Jered as Jered forces Arnau to choke his entire cock down his throat. After some hardcore cock sucking Jered is content that his cock is sufficiently lubed up and throws Arnau backwards over the arm of the sofa....

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