Month: November 2014

Men in the City 2 – The Temple: Wagner Vittoria, Diego Lauzen, Denis Vega

mencity10_preview On a cool autumn day Diego and Wagner are enjoying the views of the reflecting pools when they spot a very handsome and virile man. They follow Denis back to his place and place him in the center of all attention. No matter which way Denis turns there is a handsome man, an incredible body, a huge cock and a hot ass. Denis starts out by tasting the delights of Wagner and Diego’s luscious lips and then moves onto their throbbing and hungry cocks. Working his way from one cock to the other, Denis revels in the succulents...

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On the Prowl – Scene 10: Manuel Olveyra, James Castle, Theo Ford

prowl10_preview James is reminiscing with his old friend Theo and remembering the fun he has had with Theo’s huge cock. Manuel walks by and decides this would be a hot couple to have sex with and invites Theo and James over. All three giant hard cocks are set free from the confines of their jeans as Manuel drops to his knees and begins swallowing and worshiping these perfect specimens. Manual has gotten so worked up swallowing these cocks that he blows his load. Theo and Manuel tag team James’ hot hole with their wet tongues and fingers before Theo...

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Casting Couch #335: Gorka Martin, Aitor Bravo

cc335_preview Gorka and Aitor meet up on the street and return indoors for some savage sex. Aitor strips Gorka and begins sucking his cock like there is no tomorrow. Gorka flips Aitor as Aitor pumps his cock in and out of Gorka’s ravenous mouth. Aitor flips Gorka over and begins tongue fucking Gorka’s budding hole. After supplying a sufficient amount of spit to Gorka’s youthful hole Aitor drives his cock deep and hard inside of him. Aitor then flips Gorka and squats down on his straining cock that has been demanding attention. Aitor bangs his ass down hard onto...

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Happy Birthday/С Днем Рождения Sasha Borov Sasha is from the Russian Federation, is 6’2″, 180 lbs., 6′ uncut and a bottom. Having worked with Sasha over a couple of years, I’ve seen him change from a shy young man into a rather cocky character. He’s hard-working and really enjoys performing in front of the camera. Sasha has starred in Comrades in Arms, Thick As Thieves, A World of Men and The Anchor...

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