Month: September 2014

Happy Birthday/feliz cumpleaños Adrian Toledo

wildattraction_10_preview(1) Adrian is from Spain, is 5’8″, 150 lbs., 7″ uncut and versatile. Adrian’s eyes are so deep and dark, like a bottomless pool that you will be enchanted at first glance, your heart will melt and your cock will become rock hard. Adrian has starred in Sands of Time, Wild Attraction and Casting Couch.  See much more of this sexy guy at or at...

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On the Prowl – Scene 6: James Castle, Max Toro, Angel Lobo

prowl6_preview James is set up by two criminals that know how to spot a tourist and do the bump and snatch. They make off with his mobile phone, but James realizes in time and is in hot pursuit. Max and Angel are enjoying the photos that James has on his phone when James busts into the apartment and demands his phone. Max and Angle have other plans for James after seeing his photos. Both men force James to swallow their fat cocks. James works over both huge cocks before the guys strip him and begin tag teaming his uncut,...

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Men in the City – Double Match: Jan Faust, Jalil Jafar, Rado Zuska

mencity5_preview Jalil is taking in the sites of the city when he finds himself being cruised by 2 hot guys that invite him over. Rado and Jan quickly strip Jalil and begin double fucking his mouth with their huge, hard cocks. Jalil enjoys sampling and licking both cocks in his mouth before positioning himself over Rado. Rado begins tongue fucking Jalil’s perfect, pink pucker hole while he and Jan tag team Rado’s throbbing cock. Jan then spreads Rado’s legs open and slams his raw cock deep into Rado’s wet hole. Jalil begins face fucking Rado while Jan pleasures Rado’s...

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Casting Couch #330: John Rodriguez, Enzo Cortes

cc330_preview John and Enzo hook up after the gym for an incredible post workout sex session.  John takes full advantage of Enzo’s oral skills and fucks his face deep and hard. Enzo flips John and forces him to choke down his cock. John has choked down and slicked up Enzo’s cock with his spit that it is thoroughly lubed for his ass. John mounts Enzo’s raw cock as Enzo rams his cock in and out of John’s hungry hole. Enzo flips John onto his side and continues to plow his ass completely. Enzo continues his onslaught of hard fucking...

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Men in the City – Skyline: Diego Lauzen, Wagner Vittoria, Antonio Miracle, Mario Domenech

mencity4_preview Viewing the city from far atop the highest buildings can give you some of the most incredible views, as with everything the best views are always the most prized. Mario and Antonio invite Diego and Wagner back to their flat after exchanging lured glances at each other. The couples divide and conquer the other with probing tongues, swinging cocks and levels of testosterone shooting through the roof. Antonio gets the party started by sucking on each of the men’s huge, fat cocks. The guys then flip Antonio onto his head and begin sucking his straining cock as Diego...

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