Month: August 2014

Casting Couch #329: Robin Sanchez, Felipe Porto

cc329_preview Robin runs across an old friend in the part practicing his yoga, Felipe.  Robin invites his old friend over and they quickly pick up where they had left off, pleasuring each other. Robin immediately remembers how talented Felipe’s mouth is and begins face fucking him with his straining cock. With a equal hunger to fill, Robin takes Felipe into his moist mouth and throat while Felipe twists his nipples.  Robin then flips Felipe onto his throbbing cock as he begins squatting up and down onto the hard cock buried in his ass.  Feeling the need to go deeper,...

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On the Prowl – Scene 4: James Castle, Juanjo Rodriguez, Caleb Ramble

prowl4_preview Juanjo and Caleb are neighbors of convenience.  Caleb notices Juanjo in the window and is invited over for a raw afternoon of sex.  Quickly stripping down and sporting their huge uncut cocks. Juanjo jumps on Caleb’s massive cock and begins deep-throating it with complete ease. Caleb switches up with Juanjo and delivers the same pleasure to his neighbor. Caleb takes a few pics of Juanjo and entices his friend James to join them. James shows up and it immediately treated to two hot cocks to service.  Juanjo is the first in line to ram his raw cock up...

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Happy Birthday/feliz Aniversário Lucas Magalhaes

ISLEOFMEN_sc2_clip1 Happy Birthday/feliz Aniversário Lucas Magalhaes. Lucas is from Brazil, is 6′, 185 lbs, 8″ uncut and a top. Lucas applied to be a model years ago and was denied and went home and worked his ass off and packed on the muscle. Don’t you love those amazing results?  Lucas says that he loves to have his huge balls and ass to be eaten....

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Madrid Stories – Connection: Jalil Jafar, Juanjo Rodriguez

madrid7_preview Jalil and Juanjo hook up for what will be an incredible connection that leaves everyone drenched. These two very hot, sexy, masculine, muscular men are looking for rough and wild sex.  Juanjo begins by swallowing Jalil’s huge cock down his throat without any hesitation.  Jalil forces Juanjo onto his back and takes his enormous uncut cock down his throat as well.  After some hot cock sucking Jalil sits down on Juanjo’s furry face as Juanjo’s tongue probes and penetrates his hot pink hole. Once satisfied that his hole is lubed up with sufficient spit, Juanjo plunges his throbbing...

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