Month: July 2014

On the Prowl – Scene 2: Julio Rey, Alex Brando, Mario Torres

prowl2_preview Mario stops on the street and asks Julio and Alex for a lite, he gets more than just a lite, he gets invited over. Alex and Julio brandish their huge, hard cocks as Mario drops to his knees and quickly consumes their cocks. Mario is infatuated with two muscle men’s cocks to worship and service. Alex fucks Mario’s face while Julio eats Alex’s huge ass. Flipping Mario over he spreads his ass open as Alex thrusts his slicked up cock raw and deep into Mario. Julio then steps up and rams his raw cock deep into Mario as...

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Wild Attraction 2 – Scene 4 David Dirdam & Adrian Toledo

wildattraction_10_preview David and Adrian are working out and perfecting their kick boxing skills.  Both men admire each others skills, not to mention their impressive physiques. The boxing shorts are dropped as Adrian is forced to swallow David’s huge, uncut cock.  David then takes the punching bag down so that he can punch his throbbing cock deep into Adrian’s wet hole.  David flips Adrian over and onto the weight bench to gain deeper access into his tight pucker hole.  You know you have eyed up that bench at the gym and wanted to be spread across it as well.  With...

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On the Prowl – Scene 1: James Castle, John Rodriguez

prowl1_preview James and John met in London and now James is visiting John in his homeland.   The explosive chemistry that they found in London still persists on this visit and the guys can’t wait to get their hands all over each other.  Both men step into the shower to rinse off the city as they also begin to engulf each other’s throbbing uncut cocks.  Moving to the bed James squats down over John’s raw cock and it pierces his wet hole.  James pops on and off to feel the total pleasure of John’s long shaft sliding completely inside of...

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Madrid Stories – Blind Sex: Rainer, William Bravo, Fernand Dutch

madrid6_preview Fernand invites William over, but before they get wild Fernand goes into the bedroom and tells his lover Rainer that he has a surprise for him.  He covers Rainer’s eyes and William steps up and shoves his massive black cock into Rainer’s mouth.  Rainer is pleased with this surprise and engulfs this huge cock with his lips and swallows hard.  Fernand and Rainer lay head to head on the bed and William begins to face fuck both of the guys mouths.  William flips Fernand over and presses his huge knob against his tight pink hole.  Rainer generously spits...

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