Month: June 2014

Barcelona Buddies: Julio Rey, David Kadera

bcnbuddies1_preview Julio and David are out for a run around the picturesque city of Barcelona.  They stop to stretch, but other things get in the way.  They make their way back to the apartment where Julio immediately begins face fucking David.  David loves a hot cock down his throat and opens up wide for Julio.  After some flip sucking David lies down and raises his legs up and over his head.  Julio then mounts him from on top and has complete access to David’s furry blond, raw ass.   From this position David is fully opened up and Julio drives...

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Men In The City – Reboot: Jan Faust, William Bravo, Rado Zuska

mencity2_preview Rado and Jan are out enjoying the sites of the city when Rado convinces Jan to meet his friend William.  They strip Jan down so that William can get a better view of his young, lean body.  William then wants to test his talents by having him suck on his mammoth onyx, uncut cock.  As Jan ravages William’s huge treasure, William works over Rado’s raging hard on.  Rado then joins Jan as they tag team William’s fat cock.  Rado knows that he has to have that huge cock deep inside of him so he crouches down as far...

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Happy Birthday/feliz cumpleaños Scott Carter

cc196_preview Scott is from Spain, is 6′, 185 lbs., 7.5 uncut and versatile.  Scott loves to suck and fuck, but when he gets to combine that all into a hot Double Penetration then he really gets turned on and gets off.  Scott has starred in Sex City, Costa Brava, Wild Attraction and various Casting...

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Casting Couch #328: Tomas Friedel, Honza Capek

cc328_preview Tomas and Honza are in the military and have taken a break to relax.   Relaxing leads to some hardcore cock sucking with some hot face fucking and choking down of your friend’s massive piece of meat.   Tomas spreads Honza open and probes his ass deep with his throbbing cock.  Honza fights to relax his ass muscles and control his breathing to accommodate Tomas’ cock.  Tomas continues pounding away at Honza’s ass until he flips Tomas and rams his hungry cock full depth into Tomas’ wet hole.  Honza coats Tomas’ ass with his creamy load as Tomas lets his...

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Casting Couch #327: Rainer, James Castle

cc327_preview Rainer has invited James over and they start slow and romantic with tender kisses.  James slicks up Rainer’s hard cock with his tongue, lips and lots of spit.   Rainer then spits and gags as he does everything he can to swallow James’ fat cock.   He then flips James over and begins smacking, spitting and fucking his clean shaven hole before slamming his raw cock deep inside.   James then flips Rainer and has him squat all the way down on his fat, uncut cock.  Rainer has gotten lost in the pleasure and erupts his hot, milky load while James...

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