Month: May 2014

Madrid Stories – An Unexpected Visitor II: Tony Gys, Mateo Stanford

madrid3_preview Mateo and his lover Denis have just finished a hot sex session after being apart for a long time.  Denis heads off to take a bath.  Mateo has forgotten that he has invited Tony over and when Tony arrives Mateo explains the situation and this only turns Tony on.   Tony rips off Mateo’s towel and they begin sucking each other’s straining cocks.   Mateo spreads Toni’s legs open and eats his ass while stroking his cock.  Tony spits on his cock and uses the excess spit to stimulate his nipples.   With his cock fully engorged Tony flips Mateo and...

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Casting Couch #326: Alex Brando, David Kadera

cc326_preview David has hooked up with Alex on his mobile app and is enjoying the photos that he sent.  Alex arrives and releases his hard cock for David to savor and devour.  Alex takes the hair from David’s head in hands and guides his hungry mouth down his long, thick shaft.   David gets really turned on when Alex begins stripping down and revealing his huge muscular body.   Alex bends David over and dives into his blond furry hole with his tongue.  Alex works his hole over until it is dripping wet.  With David’s hole slicked with Alex’s spit, Alex...

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First Time Part 1&2

First Time Part 1&2 stealing the show at the 2014 Grabby Awards in Chicago.  First Time has been nominated for Best Movie, Best All Sex, Best Director, Best Videography, Best Art Direction, Best Group – Abel Pozsar, Diesel O’Green, Lucio Saints and Milos Zambo, Best Duo – Abel Pozsar and Diesel O’Green, Steamworks Chicago Fan Favorite.  This is one action packed sex film that everyone is raving about and can’t get enough of....

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Madrid Stories – An Unexpected Visitor I: Denis Vega, Mateo Stanford

madrid2_preview Mateo is so horny and is cruising on his mobile app and makes a connection.  When Mateo opens the door there stands Denis, his lover that has been away on active duty and returns home on furlough, excited to see his lover.   Neither Mateo or Denis have had sex in a long time and waste no time flip sucking each other’s hot, hard cocks.  Denis wraps his belt around Mateo’s head to fuck his throat harder and swapping spit for added slicked up cocks.  Mateo then wraps the belt around Denis’ cock and balls as he eats away...

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