Month: April 2014

Parashooter Sc 7 Jason Kingsley, Daniel Santos, Roberto Giorgio, Victor Cowboy

PARASHOOTER_sc7_clip1 Daniel has brought Roberto and Jason, stark naked, back to the drug lord`s house. For the crime of spying, the two are forced to suck the drug lord and his servant until they both shoot all over Roberto and Jason`s chests. Then Victor and Daniel lay Roberto and Jason flat on a table and tease their asses with their tongues until Roberto cums. Next, Victor fucks Jason`s sweet ass as Daniel fucks Roberto. The next part of the scene takes place with a brilliant blue swimming pool in the background, and as Jason fucks Victor from behind, Victor...

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The Secret Gift – Chp. 7 Valentino Medici, Sergio Moreno, Wagner Vittoria & Diego Lauzen

secretgift7_preview Thanks to a dark dream Valentino’s writers block had dissipated.  With another hot couple staying in the house there is inspiration to be found everywhere.   Sergio is the aggressive one and breaks the ice between the 2 couples by showing them how open their relationship is.   With a little persuasion to join in, Valentino finds that joining the group is his best option, with three hot men sucking, rimming and kissing you all at the same time, is there any other option?  Wagner lubes up Diego’s cock with his spit so that Valentino can mount his straining cock.  ...

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Casting Couch #325: Sergio Serrano, Pablo Morant

cc325_preview Sergio and Pablo meet up at a Middle Eastern Club and find their way to the private lounge.   Hairy, muscular and inked Pablo begins slapping Sergio around before feeding him his hot cock.  Sergio then flips Pablo and rough fucks his mouth deep.  Pablo is flipped again as Sergio begins tongue fucking Pablo’s tight ass.  Pablo then squats over Sergio’s fat cock and begins fucking himself as his own hard cock slaps against his ripped abs.  Pablo rides that huge cock long and hard, deep and long before flipping Sergio and impaling his ass with his rigged cock. ...

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Pride 2 Sc. 6 Ross Hurston & Andreu Perez

pride2_preview_6 Andreu and Ross find what they think is a remote farm and begin sucking each other off until they each blow their loads on each others face.  The sensation of being naked and outside and the possibility of being caught raise the level excitement and so Ross and Andreu flip fuck each other with more cum exploding all over each...

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