Month: March 2014

The Secret Gift – Chp. 5 Valentino Medici, Sergio Moreno, Wagner Vittoria & Diego Lauzen

secretgift5_preview The guys have discovered that the house had been rented to both couples for the same time period.  How will they get along?   Valentino has had a dark dream that takes him to his deepest desires that he finds uncomfortable sharing with his lover, Sergio.   Valentino reflects on his haunting dream where he finds himself on an alter of sacrifice.  Valentino believes that he has 3 executioners, except that with the black masks and harness they appear to be one person.  Valentino is forced to suck each executioners cock at knife point.  One by one the executioners reveal...

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The Secret Gift – Chapter 3 Wagner Vittoria & Diego Lauzen

secretgift3_preview(1) Diego and Wagner are having a romantic time in front of the roaring fire crackling in the background.  Wagner feeds Diego his hard cock knowing that Diego knows exactly how to pleasure him and his cock.   Diego swallows Wagner’s cock feeling its girth open up his throat.  Wagner sees Diego’s cock straining and growing with pleasure so he takes it into his mouth and throat.   He works his cock over and gives it all the pleasures it has been begging for.  Diego is then flipped and Wagner assaults his beautiful hole with his tongue and lubes it up...

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Casting Couch #322: David Smetak, Niklas Serdberg

cc322_preview Niklas is at home pleasuring himself when he gets a hit on his phone from David.  He invites David over and he is very excited to see that Niklas is already naked, hard and ready to go.   David slowly strips for Niklas’ excitement as he also plays with the blonde peach fuzz on Niklas’ ass.  Niklas takes David’s long, uncut cock into his mouth and begins to pleasure both of them.  Niklas then flips head over heels which lands his cock and fury ass in the air and David automatically begins sucking his cock and eating his fury...

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Happy Birthday Nathan Lewis

costabrava_sc3_preview Nathan is from the United Kingdom, is 6′, 175 lbs., 9.5 cut and versatile.  Nathan has a cooked up a storm on set and then took on a double penetration with great pleasure. ...

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