Month: January 2014

Strangers in Prague 2 – Scene 2: Rado Zuska, Mirek Ceslar, Wagner Vittoria, Diego Lauzen

prague2_2_preview(1) Prague remains the hot bed for wild sex with the hottest men in the world.  Wagner and Diego spot a couple of hot guys on the street and invite them up to their hotel room.   At first Wagner and Rado strip each other and release their huge, hard cocks as Mirek and Diego do the same.  Rado begins by sucking on Wagner’s meaty cock and Diego goes down on Mirek’s huge uncut cock.   Mirek is really getting into Diego’s oral talents and takes his head into his hands and begins force feeding Diego his cock.  Switching up, Wagner...

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Lover’s Lane #18: Antonio Miracle, Mario Domenech

ll18_preview On a cold, sunny day in a small village we find Antonio and Mario at home.  Antonio is reading a hot novel and Mario finds him really enjoying what he is reading.  Mario decides to make the words come to life and jump off the pages.   Stripping Antonio of his underwear, Mario begins eating his ass and Antonio backs up onto his lover’s hot tongue.   Antonio then turns the page and releases Mario’s meaty cock and PA.   As Antonio flicks the PA with his tongue Mario stimulates his own nipples and tugs on them for added pleasure.  After...

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Happy Birthday/feliz cumpleaños Robert McDougal

cc107_preview Robert is from Spain, is 5’8″, 165 lbs., 7.5 cut and versatile.  Robert has such a sensuality about him that draws men in, he captivates them with those sultry eyes and that rock hard muscular body.  But when they see that incredible ass of his there is not stopping them.  That beautiful pink hole begs to be licked and fucked.  Robert has starred in Horns of Plenty, Double Dippers and a variety of Casting Couches. ...

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Happy Birthday/Buon compleanno Antonio Ferrari

cc165_preview Antonio is from Italy, is 6′, 170 lbs, 7.5 uncut and versatile.  Antonio goes raw with his partner Marco Salgueiro  in Horns of Plenty.  Antonio has also starred in Tropical Adventure, Lover’s Lane, Raw Partners and a variety of Casting Couches.  You can see more of Antonio at...

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Casting Couch #312: Marco Rubi, Gorka Martin

cc312_preview Marco is visiting his family and while they are out for the day he checks out the local guys online for some afternoon fun.  Gorka is quick to respond to the new guy in town and earns himself an invitation.  With no time to waste the guys strip down and Marco lies on the breakfast table and Gorka feeds his cock down Marco’s hungry throat.   Marco jumps off the table and face fucks Gorka’s talented throat, but Gorka wants what he has been eyeing up ever since he arrived, Marco’s big, beautiful ass.   Gorka works over Marco’s ass...

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