Month: November 2013

Lover’s Lane #17: Lucas Pribyl, Milos Zambo

ll17_preview Lucas and Milos head out for a drink at the local pub and find that the alcohol has made them a little horny.  They enter into a private lounge and begin undressing each other revealing their amazing muscular bodies.   Lucas releases Milos’ hard cock and begins pleasuring him with his hot, hungry mouth.   Lucas knows how to push Milos to the edge and does just that, except this time Milos is unable to hold back and unleashes his milky load all over Lucas’ face.   Milos then takes Lucas’ long cock in his mouth and begins pleasuring his lover.  ...

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HeadHunting Chp. 3 Diego Lauzen, Wagner Vittoria & Diesel O’Green

head3_preview Diesel’s boyfriend is a HeadHunter and seems to have no time for Diesel.  Trying to keep his frustration under control during a photo shoot, Diesel finds it very difficult when Diego and Wagner let their hard cocks spring free from their swimsuits.   Wagner and Diego taunt and tease Diesel, unable to control their sexual desire for each other.  Forgetting that they are on a fashion shoot, Diego and Wagner devour each other’s succulent cocks pool side.   Diesel does what any good photographer would do and starts shooting the hot sex scene unfolding in front of him.  Before he...

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Happy Birhtday/gelukkige verjaardag Jason Kingsley

Jason is from South Africa, is 6’2″, 190 lbs., 10 ” uncut and versatile.  Jason is actually a concert musician with a symphonic orchestra in his native South Africa. He is also the real-life lover of cast member Jed Willcox. Jason has starred in Manville, Parashooter, Male Tales and Double Dippers. ...

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Happy Birthday/Buon compleanno Renzo Belli

Renzo is from Italy, is 6′ 165 lbs., 7.5″ uncut and versatile.  Renzo had a real sexual presence when on set that made all his co-stars gravitate to him.  With his fat cock and tight, pink hole who could resist?  Renzo starred in Skin Deep, Double Dippers and Casting Couch Vol. 1.  ...

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Happy Birthday/feliz aniversário Pedro Andreas

Pedro is from Brazil, is 5’9″, 160 lbs., 9″ uncut and versatile.  Pedro is an international sensation from the very first time he appeared on screen.  Everyone wanted to be fucked by that huge cock or fuck that hot ass of his, either way Pedro was the winner!  Pedro starred in Pride, Action, El Ranch, Love Addiction, Skin Deep, Tropical Adventure, Lover’s Lane, Orgies, Raw and many Casting Couches.  You can see much more of Pedro at...

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