Month: September 2013

Casting Couch #305: Sergio Moreno & Juanjo Rodriguez Juanjo and Sergio have hooked up for a hot fuck session and neither is bothering with any formalities.  Both men have equally ripped muscular bodies, tats and huge cocks that need a lot of attention.  Juanjo rips Sergio’s underwear off of him and begins swallowing his swollen cock.   Sergio’s hard cock is spit on, sucked on, chocked on and deep throated, much to Sergio’s delight.   Juanjo then feeds his fat cock to Sergio, who reciprocates the same pleasures to Juanjo’s cock as he had just received.  Sergio’s full, luscious lips give Juanjo’s cock exactly what it needs.  With...

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Manwatcher Sc.2 Sandor Vesanyi & Alexei Gromoff

This award winning film takes on a voyeuristic journey in paradise.  Hot locations and even hotter men are watched and admired from afar, and not so afar.  Sandor and Alexei have a very special romance on and off the set during this steamy love scene.  See if you can spot the sparks flying.  ...

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First Time, Part 2 Chp.7 David Kadera, Robin Sanchez & Julio Rey After playing with Julio, Robin decided it was time for his partner David to experience the same joys that he has with other men.  After a little coxing David had a great time with two guys sucking him off.   Now David is finding out just how hot it is to have two tongues fuck his ass and eat him out.  Julio and Robin go back and forth on David’s hot pink hole.   Robin begins to suck on David’s cock as Julio continues to work his hole with his wet lips and tongue.   David is then put over the...

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Casting Couch #304: Rodrigo Calas, Nicolas Taxman Rodrigo is at home pleasuring himself to some photographic porn when Nicolas comes in and has a real piece of meat for his pleasure.   Nicolas begins choking down Rodrigo’s huge cock and fat mushroom head.   Rodrigo then takes Nicolas’ cock in his mouth and throat as Nicolas begins to fuck his throat.   Nicolas takes Rodrigo’s shaved head into his hands and guides him up and down his slicked up shaft, forcing every inch down Rodrigo’s throat.   Rodrigo then bends Nicolas over and drives his hard cock deep into Nicolas’ hungry hole.   In this position we get to gaze...

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