Month: May 2013

Lover’s Lane 13 David Smetak & Ivo Kerk

After a long day at the office David and Ivo are having a romantic dinner together. Half way through dessert they decide there is a different dessert they are hungry for, each other. David stands on top of the table and feeds his lover his raging hard cock. Ivo loves his partners cock and the way it makes his throat feel. Ivo joins David on the table and David begins devouring Ivo’s throbbing cock. Ivo fucks his partner’s mouth as his balls begin to draw up and fill with his hot load of cum. Ivo slides his ass to...

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Happy Birthday/feliz aniversário Pretao Grandao

Happy Birthday/feliz aniversário Pretao.  Pretao is from Brazil, is 6’2″, 210 lbs., 10″ uncut and all top.  Although one of the most difficult and macho attitudes from a model we were able to remain professional and get the best performance possible from Pretao.  Pretao starred in Island Fever.  You can see much more of Pretao at

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Happy Birthday/feliz cumpleaños Raul Enguidanos

Happy Birthday/feliz cumpleaños Raul.  Raul is from Spain, is 5″10″, 165 lbs., 8″ uncut and all top.  After making several castings and starring in Costa Brava, Raul suggested that he and his lover, Carlos be filmed in the raw together.  So hot to watch two hot men fucking without barriers.  You can see more of Raul at...

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Happy Birthday/feliz cumpleaños Rocko Magnus

Happy Birthday/feliz cumpleaños Rocko.  Rocko is from Puerto Rico, is 5’9″, 165 lbs., 7.5″ uncut and versatile.  Rocko appeared in Rocks & Hard Places Parts 1&2.  When he was instructed to get fucked on top of a Mercedes he was very concerned he might damage the car.  We assured him that any butt dents would be enjoyed by the owner.  You can see more of Rocko at...

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First Time, Part 1 Chp. 6A Jake Genesis, Mike Colucci, Valentino Porto, Mattias Solich & Rado Zuska

Group sex: the gathering of more than 3 people for sexual pleasure. This is and can be a very intimidating encounter for a lot of people. The secret to any encounter is your level of confidence. Although Valentino and Mike are new to all this they remain open to new adventures and experiences. Jake is at home relaxing at the pool and gives Mattias a call and invites him over. Mattias informs Jake that he has a couple of friends with him, of course this sounds like a great party to Jake. The guys arrive and start playing around...

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