Month: April 2013

Happy Birthday/gelukkige Verjaardag Gregoire Chevalier

Happy Birthday/gelukkige Verjaardag Gregoire.  Gregoire is from Belgium, is 6’2″, 185 lbs., 8″ cut and versatile.   Tall, strong, lean muscled body, captivating blue eyes, full luscious lips, beautiful rock hard cock all make for one incredible representation of the Belgium people.  Gregoire has starred in Rocks & Hard Places Parts 1&2.  You can see much more of Gregoire at...

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First Time Pt.1 Chp.5 Diesel O’Green, Abel Pozsar, Milos Zambo & Lucio Saints

Abel and Lucio are very experienced and want to share their new finds with each other. Lucio invites Diesel and Abel over and assures Milos that he is in for a treat. Your first orgy can be very intimidating. Just like a 3-way you need confidence a thirst for cock and an insatiable hunger for a hot, humid hole. Diesel and Abel arrive and get right down to pleasure. Of course the couples change at first, because that is the rule of the game, to sample all the goods presented to you. Our tops start out orally pleasuring Milos...

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El Rancho Sc. 3 Alex Ferrari, Fabian Andrades, Tibor Cernan & Mike Gonda

In a remote mountain training camp for separatist rebels, Brazilian studs Alex and Fabian take on Eastern European beefcakes Tibor and Mike.  The guys have been training very hard all day and have worked up a lot of testosterone that needs to be unleashed.   So they come together to see who can out fuck the other, Brazilians or Eastern Europeans!  Who are you betting on?  This scene is a free download for all members this week. ...

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Skin Deep Part 1 Scene 1 Etienne Cendras & Renzo Belli

The life of the super rich porn producer Etienne Cendras and Renzo Belli, his trusty assistant find time to fuck the daylights out of each other.  These two love the feel of the others hard cock pounding away at their ass and the rush that comes from feeling a hot load exploding all over them. No wonder they know how to find such talented models for their films. This is a free download for all members this week. ...

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Happy Birthday/feliz aniversário Alex Ferrari

Happy Birthday/feliz aniversário   Alex.  Alex is from Brazil, is 5’9″, 160 lbs., 8″ uncut and versatile.  Alex is a very sweet guy from southern Brazil. He was actually introduced the day before shooting when another model had suddenly cancelled. As it turned out, Alex was a great discovery who I had almost missed. Alex has gone on to appear in El Rancho, Skin Deep, Rock & Hard Places, Horns of Plenty, Orgies, Double Dippers and numerous Casting Couches.  You can see much more of Alex at...

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