Month: January 2013

Happy Birthday/Buon compleanno Francesco D’Macho

Happy Birthday/Buon compleanno  Francesco.  Francesco is from Italy, is 6′, 185 lbs., 8″ uncut and versatile.   With his Italian charm, those searing blue eyes, sculpted muscular body and masculine persona, Francesco is a mans man!  Francesco has starred in Tropical Adventure Parts 1&2, Double Dippers, Pride Parts 1&2 and Orgies vol. 2.  You can see much more of Francesco at...

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Raw Partners

Raw Partners –  The newest release from Kristen Bjorn.  We have collected the hottest models, who also happen to be in some of the hottest relationships and put them all together for you in one spot.  These sizzling couples have performed in some of our hottest films and now you can have it all in one.  Get your copy now, they are burning up the shelves.  Kristen Bjorn in no way supports unsafe sex.  All models are filmed with their real life partners and they together have made the choice of their sexual practice....

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Lover’s Lane & Raw Partners

Lover’s Lane: the Hottest New Release from Kristen Bjorn. Lover’s Lane is a collection from our online series where true life lovers allow us a glimpse into their private world. We are permitted to witness the joys, the passion and the thrill of feeling your lover penetrate not only your heart but to penetrate you deep inside with nothing shielding him. Giving freely to your lover is only something that occurs after many commitments have been sealed with true loves kiss. Feel the love as your partner slowly slips inside of you and touches you exactly as you dream,...

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Happy Birthday/feliz cumpleaños Robert McDougal

Happy Birthday/feliz cumpleaños  Robert.  Robert is from Spain, is 5’8″, 165 lbs., 7.5 uncut and versatile.  Robert has the ability to stop a man dead in his tracks with just one glance, or just one glance at his perfect body or that ass of his that has the biggest invitation one will ever see.  Robert has starred in Horns of Plenty Parts 1&2, Double Dippers, Casting Couch Vol. 9 and a variety of casting couches.  You can see much more of Robert at...

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Casting Couch 289 Ross Hurston & Dany Vargas

Dany has had a great workout at the gym and has worked up a good appetite for some hot cock. So he calls his buddy Ross and meets him at his flat. Ross and Dany quickly strip each other down and stroke each other’s cock to full mast. Dany takes Ross’ rock hard cock into his mouth and lets it glide across his wet tongue, driving deeper in search of more pleasure. Ross dismounts the table he is sitting atop as Dany guides his head and mouth down onto his awaiting cock. With a desire for so much more...

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