Month: December 2012

A World of Men Adriano Marquez, Carlos Morales & Tony Tarango

var affURL=’’; flowplayer(“div.video_holder_1380”, {src:’’, width: 640, height: 360}, { playlist: [‘’, { autoPlay: false,autoBuffering: false,loop: false,url: ‘’,linkUrl: affURL } ], plugins: { controls: {all: true,play: true,scrubber: true,mute: true,fullscreen: true}} } ); A World of Men   Adriano Marquez, Carlos Morales & Tony Tarango.  On a beach in San Juan Puerto Rico, latino studs Adriano, Carlos and Tony play soccer. Adriano leaves his gold chains with Carlos for safe keeping, but forgets them when he takes off on his motorcycle with whining girlfriend Conchita. Adriano goes to Carlos and Tony’s apartment, leaving the girlfriend to look after his motorcycle. Meanwhile, with...

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Happy Birthday/feliz Aniversário Paulao Do Picao

Happy Birthday/feliz Aniversário  Paulao.  Paulao is from Brazil, is 6’4″, 200 lbs., 9.5 uncut and a top.  Paulão is an extremely handsome black man from Rio de Janeiro, who exudes sensuality and charm at all times. He was quite a match for his costar Max Veneziano, and they were obviously very attracted to each other! Now there is a three way you don’t want to say no to!!  Paulao has starred in Manville: The City of Men and Parashooter.  You can see much more of Paulao at...

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Happy Birthday יום הולדת שמח Morr Foxx

יום הולדת שמח  Morr Foxx  Happy Birthday.  Morr is from Israel, is 5’9″, 180 lbs., 7″ cut and a top.   Morr and his co-star (Adam Excell) are real life partners and were thrilled to have the opportunity to live out one of their fantasies of making a film together.  Morr has starred in Horns of Plenty Parts 1&2 and you can see much more of him at...

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Happy Birthday/Feliz cumpleaños Jorge Ballantinos

Happy Birthday/Feliz cumpleaños Jorge.   Jorge is from Spain, is 5’7″, 150 lbs., 8″ uncut and versatile.  A year prior to the filming of EL RANCHO, I attempted to work with Jorge in another project. As is the case with most twenty-one year old Spaniards, Jorge still lived with his parents in a small town near Madrid. Perhaps suspicious of his motives, a day before the shoot Jorge’s father forbade him to travel to Barcelona. This was the first time I had ever lost an actor because his father wouldn’t let him go! A year later, Jorge finally was on...

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Happy Birthday/feliz cumpleaños Jean Franko

Happy Birthday/feliz cumpleaños Jean.  Jean is from Venezuela, is 6′, 180 lbs., 9″ uncut and versatile.  With his “Tom of Finland” looks, and rough, sexual edge, Jean Franko embodies many mens ultimate fuck-fantasy. Unlike many porn actors, Jean’s off-screen personality is actually quite similar to the roles he plays in the videos, and he always commands a lot of attention no matter where he goes.  Jean has starred in:  Rocks & Hard Places, El Rancho, Fire Dance, The Men I wanted, Love and Lust, Action, Italian for the Beginner, the School for Lovers, Skin Deep, Manville: The City of...

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