Month: August 2012

Manly Seduction – Insurance Man 1 Hugo Martin, Maikel Cash & Ben Hern

Your first day on the job is always stressful, especially if you are trying to sell insurance door to door. Hugo is greeted with a big surprise when he shows up to make a deal on a beautiful home owned by Maikel and Ben. Hugo is led into the home to see the exquisite marble bath that he has been told about. When he arrives he finds Maikel in a warm soapy bath with his hard cock jutting out of the water. Ben and Hugo begin stroking his huge cock as Maikel groans with delight of the pleasure of...

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Happy Birthday/všechno nejlepší k narozeninám Alex Brinsky

Happy Birthday/všechno nejlepší k narozeninám Alex.  Alex is from the Czech Republic, is 6’2″, 160 lbs., 9″ uncut and versatile.  Alex is seemingly a shy young guy, but once the clothes come off, and his chiseled body and huge dick become apparent, he turns into a sex animal! Although Alex could not speak to any of his costars, he was perfectly happy fucking and sucking all day long!  Now that is the universal language that WE all speak!  Alex has starred in El Rancho, Action Parts 1&2, Pride Parts 1&2, Wild Attraction Parts 1&2, Orgies Parts 1&2 and a...

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Happy Birthday/Per molts anys Tony Duke

Happy Birthday/Per molts anys  Tony.  Tony is from Spain, is 5’8″, 160 lbs., 7″ uncut and versatile.  Tony hails from Catalonia in north eastern Spain. He has a strong sexual presence, and a devilish smile. To me, he epitomizes the bad boy who is totally lovable. Tony unfortunately broke his finger while at the gym the evening before the final days of filming. So, if you look close in the horse back sequence of EL RANCHO, there is a moment where you can see his bandaged hand.  You can see much more of Tony at...

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Happy Birthday/Boldog születésnapot Ferenc Botos

Happy Birthday/Boldog születésnapot  Ferenc.  Ferenc is from Hungary, is 6′, 185, 6.5″ uncut and versatile.  When we first met, Ferenc he was a university student in Budapest, very bright, serious, and seemingly shy. He worked with us as an interpreter and assistant during the filming of The Anchor Hotel and impressed me with his consistent good nature. Ferenc has starred in Hungary for Men, The Anchor Hotel, Thick as Thieves and Manwatcher.  Ferenc has drawn a huge fan base around the world, come and see why. ...

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Orgies Parts 1&2: Jean Franko, Ricci Julian, Arthur Gordon, Gustavo Arrango,Bruno Jones, Dany Vargas

Orgies Part 1 & 2 continues to enthrall audiences everywhere. Our next clip is from the film Pride with Jean Franko, Ricci Julian, Arthur Gordon, Gustavo Arrango, Bruno Jones and Dany Vargas. Our party starts out with the joining of a smaller group that grows into a larger party, doesn’t it always turn out that way? You invite 2 or 3 guys over for sex and the next thing you know they have brought a couple of their hot friends. Get your ass and your cock ready, this is going to be a party you will be telling your...

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