Month: July 2012

Orgies Part 1&2 Mateo Perez, Sandro Caceres, Aitor Crash, Eduard Dubov, Apolo Knowbles, Rogelio Diaz

Orgies Part 1&2 features the hottest group sex ever assembled and captured on film just for your pleasure.  Our next segment comes to us from the film Action Parts 1&2.  The new recruits have arrived and Aitor is doing what he does best, inspecting hard cocks.  Are you able to drop your pants to a hot stranger and get hard immediately?  Our new recruits are put through just that test and many more.  Are your oral skills up to par, not good enough, they must exceed all expectations.  Is your rimming luscious and penetrating, that tongue had better penetrate...

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Casting Couch 277 Augusto Figueroa & Mike

BoyBerry is a popular tourist stop in Barcelona. Augusto stops in to check out what all the hype is about. Mike is working the front desk and it is made apparent to him that this tourist is very interested. Augusto traverses the labyrinth of booths equipped with portals of glory. Mike finds Augusto in one of these booths and receives the universal signal that action is desired. Mike drops to his knees and Augusto places his large, uncut cock through the portal as Mike begins to pleasure his cock with his moist, wet lips and tongue. The structure begins...

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Orgies Parts 1&2 Hugo Martin, Jean Franko, Darren Robins, Carl Wilde, Erik Demko & Alex Brinski

Orgies Parts 1 and 2 starring  Hugo Martin, Jean Franko, Darren Robins, Carl Wilde, Erik Demko and Alex Brinski.  This next scene from Orgies was taken from the film Action Parts 1&2.  Action is about new recruits learning all they need to know to be a “porn star”.  The men have been assembled and lined up in front of Hugo.  Will Hugo pass this part of his examination?  First he must orally pleasure all 5 hot cocks in front of him.  He must keep each cock hard as he works his way up and down the line.  Hugo has...

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Casting Couch 7&8 Aitor Crash, Peter

Casting Couch 7&8, have you been keeping up with your castings? This segment from our new release the very popular muscle God Aitor Crash and Peter. What started out as a massage for Peter quickly jumped past the massage and to the torrid sex. Aitor is gifted with those rugged, masculine looks that entice any man in his presence. His inviting eyes, hot, sultry lips, nipples that jump up for attention, his interminable hard cock, that huge, beefy ass just waiting to be pleasured, his ink work, that of a master craftsman all present a package of desire. Peter...

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Orgies Parts 1& 2 Aritz San Juan, Alex Ferretto, Daniel Marvin, Rocky Olivera, Franco Dominicci

Orgies Parts 1&2 has just been released for your pleasure.  This scene from OrgiesPart 1 is from the film Skin Deep.  Skin Deep was packed with such an assemblage of hot, muscular, hung, horny and hungry men that it could not be contained to one film.  This scene proves all of this to be true.  The joys and pleasures of an orgy is that there is always an abundance of what you desire.  In our clip these hot guys suck, fuck, rim and enjoy themselves in every position they can think up.  Have you gotten into a good orgy...

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