Month: June 2012

Happy Birthday/Feliz Cumpleaños Hugo Martin

Happy Birthday/Feliz Cumpleaños  Hugo.  Hugo is from Spain, is 6′, 180 lbs., 7.5 uncut and versatile.  Hugo is an outstanding performer.  We have really put Hugo’s versatility to the test at times and he has proven himself as a professional.  One of the hottest bottoms you would ever want to fuck, or the hottest top you would ever want to be pounded by.  You can see Hugo in numerous Casting Couches, Action Parts 1&2, Skin Deep Parts 1&2, Tropical Adventure Parts 1&2, and our newest release Orgies Parts 1&2.  Check him out at...

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Happy Birthday/Všetko Najlepšie K Narodeninám Mike Gonda

Happy Birthday/Všetko Najlepšie K Narodeninám  Mike.  Mike is from Slovakia (Slovak Republic) is 5’10”, 180 lbs., 8.5 uncut and versatile.  Mike is a really great performer who can take it as hard as he can give it! Particularly hot and heavy was the attraction between him and his costar Tibor Cernan whom he fucked mercilessly on a wooden table for hours.  Mike starred in El Rancho and Rocks and Hard Places Parts 1&2.  You can see much more of Mike at...

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Happy Birthday/Feliz Cumpleaños Ramon Garcia

Happy Birthday/Feliz Cumpleaños Ramon.  Ramon is from the Dominican Republic, is 5’8″, 150, 7.5 uncut and a top.  Ramon brought his street wise and cockiness to the set and soon learned there was much more to sex then a hot attitude.  You can see more of Ramon in Caribbean Beat. ...

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Jagged Mountain Part 2 Scene 5 Tibor Cernan & David Kadera

The feel of a motorcycles vibrations between your legs as you cruise along the scenic mountain roads stirs a man deep within. Tibor and David pull off the highway to strip off their leather gear to cool down, but cool down is the last thing that happens. David immediately drops to his knees to pleasure Tibor. Both men looking exquisite in their leather slowly peal the layers away. Tibor uses David’s mouth for his total pleasure. David mounts the bike as Tibor attacks his cock and soon has David shooting his wet load. While seated on the bike Tibor...

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Happy Birthday Ross Hurston

Happy Birthday Ross Hurston.  Ross is from the United Kingdom, is 5’10”, 175, 8″ uncut and versatile.  Ross has gone on to do many films for many companies, now see where he got his start.  Ross starred in Casting Couch 14 and Pride Parts 1&2.  You can see much more of the handsome birthday stud at...

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