Month: March 2012

Hungarians 40% Off This Week Only

Hungarians: This feature was shot on location in Hungary under Kristen Bjorn’s guidance by budding director Steve Cadro. The war torn and ravaged city leaves the men to fend for themselves. They seek out shelter and comfort with each other. The comfort of a hot mouth, a wet ass will satisfy the hungriest of men. Huge uncut cocks deliver all the pleasures one could ask for in these or any conditions. The hard pounding, sucking and stroking leads to a sea of cum. The sea is very inviting, come on in! ...

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Casting Couch 267 Rudolf Schneider & Miro Mendel

Casting Couch 267 starring Rudolf Schneider and Miro Mendel. Rudolf and Miro enjoy a bit of bump and grind before their cocks pop out and demand attention. Relishing in sucking Rudolf’s big muscle cock, Miro gives it a smooth coating of glistening saliva. Rudolf quickly feels Miro’s desire and feeds him more of what he wants, what they both want. Rudolf reciprocates the pleasure for Miro while tugging on his smooth sack. Rudolf then bends Miro over and penetrates his hot, pink hole with his stiff cock. Rudolf begins to pound Miro’s ass harder and deeper with every thrust....

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Call of The Wild 40% Off This Week Only

Call of The Wild: Filmed in the wilderness of French Canada, this video features 11 stunning French Canadians. The Royal Mounties patrol the wilderness that surrounds Quebec to make sure that the hunters, lumberjacks, farmers and wild life remain safe. Long, lonely days in the woods can be strenuous and lead a man to desires. The hunters are always on the look out for their prey, this time their prey is another hunter. Nothing hotter then a hot blow job in the great outdoors. Even our mounties work up an appetite, after riding that much muscle and heat between...

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Dreamers 40% Off This Week Only

Dreamers: your travel guide. Ever wonder what it is like to go to a gay resort or a gay guest house? If you’ve never been this will be a great guide for you, if you have then you already know how hot these resorts can get. Dreamers is filled with everyone’s fantasy man, tall, dark, handsome, hung, blond, tight, taught muscular  bodies and always dripping of sex. Let us help you get your plans started for your next travel adventure and let’s make it a Dreamers delight! ...

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Happy Birthday/Všechno Nejlepší K Narozeninám Peter Pauer

Happy Birthday/Všechno Nejlepší K Narozeninám Peter Pauer.  Peter is from the Czech Republic, is 5’10”, 165, 8.5 uncut and versatile.  There was very strong chemistry between Erik and his two costars Rocky Oliveira and Ricardo Safado. I have rarely seen so much off camera lust amongst actors as there was between those three. It was even difficult to keep them under control!  It was worse then dogs in heat.  You can see Peter in El Ranch. ...

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