Month: February 2012

The Caracas Adventure 40% Off This Week Only

The Caracas Adventure. A romantic adventure story featuring 11 of the hottest men in South America, with the exotic city of Caracas as a backdrop. A big city surrounded by the heat of the jungle. You know that heat spills over into the streets of the city, where men meet and let the passion of the jungle consume them. Once you’ve gone Venezuelan, you’ve gone to paradise! ...

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Casting Couch 165 Bruno Jones & Mickel

Casting Couch 265: starring Bruno Jones and Mickel. Renovation nightmare or renovation fantasy. We know how much you guys love your renovations, whether you are doing it yourself or have hired the hot guys to do it for you. Either way we know you end up in the middle of it all. Bruno and Mickel are in the middle of their renovation and Bruno has felt that power tool vibrating all the way through to his cock. His cock is hard and demanding some finish work. Mickel can see that Bruno is ready for a break and gives him...

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Manhattan Latin 40% Off This Week Only

Manhattan Latin: This feature takes place in NYC, and features 10 incredibly hung and hunky Puerto Rican models and their friends. Come along and find out where the term New-Yo-Rican came from. The city gets very hot in the summer and the men are scouring for unsuspecting, innocent men. As the heat rises so do the hot Puerto Rican cocks. Everyone knows a Puerto Rican loves to have his fat cock sucked before he fucks you! Cum to the big apple and get your hole plowed, Puerto Rican style. ...

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Legion of Vengeance 40% Off this Week Only

Legion of Vengeance: Directed by Tom Bradford, LEGION is based on gangs of young men who fist it out in underground fight clubs. Shot on location in Hungary with a superb cast of 15 hot European men, and a running time of 150 minutes, LEGION OF VENGEANCE is guaranteed to excite you! AS AN EXTRA BONUS, LEGION OF VENGEANCE on DVD has a photo gallery of the actors, plus an 25 minute behind the scenes documentary on the making of this production. ...

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Casting Couch 264 Raul Enguidanos & Felipe

Casting Couch 264: starring Raul Enguidanos and Felipe. Raul and Felipe are in the middle of the bustle of getting ready for a hard day. When hardness is what gets in their way. Most everyone starts their day off with some leche, in one form or another. Felipe is pleased to see Raul’s extraordinary hard-on this morning, and gets right to business. Raul tantalizes Felipe’s hot hole with his torrid tongue, preparing Felipe’s sweet spot for what he has been lusting for. Raul pierces straight through Felipe’s canal with his rigid, upturned cock until his balls are pressed up...

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