Month: November 2011

Double Dippers

Double Dippers, the newest release from Kristen Bjorn Productions.  You know the power of fucking a hot bottom, what happens when that hot bottom takes control of the power and adds another cock into his hot ass?  Feel the heat, the friction, the hard mass of cock sliding against your cock deep within a hot, wet hole.  Your balls are pressed against each other as your hot load is building, can you feel your buddies load filling up in his balls as well?  Your buddies cock is so hard pressed against your cock, driving you wild with a new...

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Ipod, Ipad, Iphone, Smart Phone

The holidays are upon us and our time is very valuable.  You can always grab your hottest man and have him in your hands within moments on your Ipod, Ipad, Iphone or Smart phone.  Take us along on your long trips, look us up at that boring party and become the center of attention, access us when you are bored and alone at the relatives.  Whether you are heading over the river or through the woods, we are always there for you! ...

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Wild Attraction Chp 12; Stereo Love Chp. 2

Wild Attraction Chp. 12; Stereo Love Chp. 2, starring Adrian Toledo and Adai Mazzini.  Adrian is the typical handsome man with the beautiful muscular body with a dilemma placed before him, do we choose love or wild passionate sex?  When we have two opposite lovers, one full of love and tenderness the other bursting with wild sex that drives us crazy, how do we choose?  Why do we have to choose?  Who says we can’t have both?  Adrian spends a splendid afternoon begin treated like a prince.  Tender kissing, being fed fresh fruit dripped in cream, a beautiful cock...

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CYBER MONDAY, take advantage of our 20% off sale going on now.  The sale will end in a few days so make sure you get all the hot, hard guys that you desire before the sale expires. ...

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Happy Birthday/Gelukkig Verjaarsdag Jason Kingsley

Happy Birthday/Gelukkig Verjaarsdag   Jason Kingsley.  Jason is from South Africa, is 6’2″, 190, 10″ u/c and versatile.  Being a professional musician with the symphonic orchestra, Jason is a very talented man off camera as well.  On camera, Jason has proven a great depth of talents.  Being a power top, that huge cock makes all his partners smile when he penetrates them nice and deep.  As a hot bottom, his partners lust after that muscle ass around their hot cocks.  Jason is even talented enough to lick his own cock and eat his own cum, you have to see that!! ...

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