Month: October 2009

Kristen Bjorn’s Reality Star – Xavi in Pekin Express

Meet Xavi (Robinson) before he caused such a stir on Spanish television and set the blogs on fire with curiosity about his past. Xavi is currently a contestant on the Spanish reality show Pekin Express. The shows premise is loosely based on the US version of The Amazing Race. You can see Xavi’s true reality pleasures at our Web Videos 25, 108 and 143. After word leaked out about Xavi’s past the bloggers went wild with chatter and curiosity and skyrocketed to number one in Spain. Check out Xavi’s (Robinson’s) hot action here before he went “Reality”! And...

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Greetings, Readers!

This is Antonio Armani and I will be your new host here on Kristen Bjorn. We have lots of hot news coming out very soon that you will want to check back often. I invite all your questions and comments, lets talk sex! Why did shoot to the number one spot in Spain recently? What porn star is heating up the Reality Show circuit? Have you seen the hot, hot, hot leather scene in Love Addiction? See how the limits of leather are stretched to a breathtaking climax! Lets talk sex,...

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Casting Couch #141, 142: Daniel Marvin, Robert McDougal and others. Kristen Bjorn’s Forum now open. Bone Island – Scene 1. Lucas Kazan’s The Innkeeper – Scene 3. Win free membership!

FORUM We have just opened a Forum section on our website. Here we welcome your input suggestions, and questions about the site, clips, films, actors or just about anything else you’d like to discuss with our team, or amongst fellow KB website members regarding Kristen Bjorn products. You can find our forum here or follow FORUM link on our home page. REPORT PIRACY Provide the URL of a link to the site or service you believe is engaging in piracy, if the site or service does not have a URL, please provide information sufficient for us to investigate. You may also have names of individuals or other entities associated with the site or service, if known. VALID LINKS TO PIRATED CONTENT CAN WIN YOU A FREE WEBSITE MEMBERSHIP OR UPGRADES IN OUR DAILY DRAWING As a token of our appreciation for helping us fight theft, every member reporting such occurrences through this form will be eligible for a daily drawing for a gift from us to you. Each URL submitted counts as a separate entry in the daily drawing. Follow this link or look for Report Piracy link at the footer of our home page....

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