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Juice: Dani Robles, Ivan Gregory

https://www.kristenbjorn.com/web/model/video/detail-1815-Juice-Dani-Robles-Ivan-Gregory Ivan Gregory invites Dani Robles to his flat after their training session at the gym. Dani is obviously enamored with his trainer and cannot contain the excitement rising up in his shorts. Ivan is delighted that Dani is so…
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Tight Fit: Diego Lauzen, Ivan Gregory

https://www.kristenbjorn.com/web/model/video/detail-1804-Tight-Fit-Diego-Lauzen-Ivan-Gregory Ivan Gregory and Diego Lauzen are both on tour and are thrilled to find out that they are both in the same beautiful city. Ivan invites Diego over for a drink. They are both familiar with the others show,…
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Meat Men: The Camera – Ivan Gregory, Hans Berlin

Hans Berlin needs to get his hands on some fast cash and decides to sell his prized camera to Ivan Gregory. Ivan invites Hans back to his hotel to further inspect the camera. Once in Ivan’s hotel room he discovers…
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