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The Hood: William Bravo, Devian

https://www.kristenbjorn.com/web/model/video/detail-1836-The-Hood-William-Bravo-Devian William Bravo receives an anonymous text instructing him where to find his lover Devian. William follows the instructions, but when he arrives there is only a naked man in a leather hood. Not to miss an opportunity, William reaches…
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Sex Men: Seduction, Jose Quevedo, Devian

Devian is finally having a tranquil day at home when Jose Quevedo arrives and decides to turn it up a notch. Jose knows that some passionate kissing will get Devian’s juices flowing and Devian responds immediately by stripping away his…
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Sex Men: That Men Have – Jose Quevedo, Xavi Duran

Xavi Duran is walking down the street and sees that there is a hot man located very close to his location, could it be the handsome Jose Quevedo who is in that same area? Just so happens that Jose is…
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