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Hot Stuff: Deep And Tight – Wagner Vittoria, Sergi Rodriguez, Xavi Garcia

Wagner Vittoria has arranged for a little sex party at his flat and eagerly awaits the arrival of Xavi Garcia and Sergi Rodriguez. Sergi is anxious to get started and immediately begins sucking on Xavi and Wagner’s huge, uncut cocks….
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Raw Adventures sc. 14 – Jet Sex: James Castle, Sergi Rodriguez, Mario Torres

Mario meets up with his old friend James and invites him back to his place. When they arrive Mario’s lover Sergi is excited to see that he has brought home a sexy friend. The three men begin disrobing each other…
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On the Prowl – Scene 7: Juanjo Rodriguez, Sergi Rodriguez

Juanjo has injured his ankle and calls his good friend Sergi to go to the pharmacy and get a wrap for him. Sergi arrives with bandage in tow and Juanjo wants to know what else he has brought him. Sergi…
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